30 November 2008

Outdoor Decor.

My christmas present from my Mom and Dad! It is so big and heavy that Dad and T just brought it here instead of taking it to Mom and Dad's and then here after Christmas. So I get to enjoy it now, all decked out for the holidays! I've wanted one of these for several years. And yes, it came from my favorite shop - McMaster and Storm!!!

Sheep beside my front door. I bought this one a couple years ago in the spring.

Crown Him!!

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Decor in the cupboard.

I love this camel.

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Christmas Decor.

I love blown glass ornaments. Most of these came from McMaster and Storm. Wish they had some new ones this year!!

Tiny glass nativity

This was the last thing I did and it ended up being one of my favorites.

One of my favorite ornaments.

Faux Fruit

Tiny Trees

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Not Me! Monday

I did NOT miss posting a 'not me' last Monday because I was just too tired from being out-of-town all weekend and too busy with all the things I was supposed to get done the week before last.

I did NOT have way too much planned for last week, and it WASN'T because I didn't get everything done I had planned the week before. And the reason it didn't get done the week before was NOT because I had planned too much for that week. I never overload myself, it isn't good for me or for my family so I NEVER do it!

I did NOT leave my 2 young daughters home with their father on one of his days off work and go shopping. He didn't take off work to babysit he was going to work on my house. I wouldn't do that to him!

I did NOT have to take and serve hot lunch at Big Sister's school on Tuesday. We did NOT have to clean 5 gallons of tea off the floor before lunch because someone spilled it! We did NOT run out of food because the kids all liked it so much they kept coming back for seconds. Little Sister did NOT wet her pants because she was outside and couldn't get in. I did NOT take her skirt, sock, shoes and underwear off and wrap her in her coat while I worked on cleanup of lunch. She did not go on to dump a cup of water on herself! We did NOT load up and go home after that! I did NOT feel like going to bed and bawling when I finally made it home. (I would have but I had a dentist appointment to go to just a couple hours after I got home. If I had gone to bed I'd never have come out!!!) I did NOT go on to get 2 dresses sewed up that day.(they were supposed to have been done the week before!)

I did NOT have a lot of help on Wed. getting ready for Thanksgiving. I can handle making food and cleaning the whole house on top of taking care of 3 kids and a husband. I certainly wouldn't need any help!! And it WASN'T my husband who helped. He would never sweep floors, mop, cook, etc. Oh wait, yes he would, he does it often! Love that man soooo much!!

We didn't have a fun relaxing day on Thursday!!

I didn't (finally) get my Christmas decor out on Black Friday. No crazy shopping for me! I've been dying to get the Christmas stuff out. I did NOT have more boxes than I remembered. I do NOT love to buy new Christmas decor and I DON'T buy more each year.

I did NOT sleep all morning again on Sunday. I think I've been so sleep deprived the past 5 years I can't get enough. If I didn't have to get up I think I'd sleep for a week!

I did NOT write this on Sunday night and then keep checking MckMama's blog to see if I could link this to her and post it early!

What did you NOT do this week? Hop on over to MckMama and see what she's been doing and not doing lately!



30 pound bird.
Mom's pumpkin pie. Beautiful!
Boxwood wreath and sheep centerpiece.


21 November 2008

Skirt and Runway Bag.

I made this skirt for a friend to try out the pattern I made for her. She said she had bought the fabric to make a bag but might not ever get one made. Since we needed cotton to try the pattern she said to just use this one. I dressed the skirt up a little by adding the ribbon down the front seam. And with the leftover fabric I made her an Amy Butler Runway Bag. I've had the pattern for awhile and never used it. This fabric she gave me for the skirt is Amy Butler Fabric and so is the dot fabric that I used for the embellishments to the bag. The bag is unique in that the zipper is on the end. You can carry it on your shoulder and unzip it to get inside without taking it off your shoulder. I dropped it all off at my friends house about an hour ago, before she was home from town. Hope she likes it!!
Back of Runway Bag.
Front Detail of Runway Bag.
Zipper pull
Front of the Amy Butler Runway Bag.

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19 November 2008

I'm Cold & Missing Summer!

I am sooooo missing summer already! I wish my kids were still doing this!

The last couple of days I've had a lot of appointments too keep and that means dragging everyone out IN THE COLD! Sorry all you cold weather lovers but getting all the coats, hats, gloves etc. out and zipping everybody in and making sure everyone leaves the coat on till everyone else is ready to go and THEN going out in below freezing temperatures with a wind blowing is not my idea of a good time. I still can't get warm this evening!! I've said before and I still believe it, that I get cold in November and don't thaw till June! I'm so wishing for swimming weather again. Sigh.

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17 November 2008

Story Time!

Little Sister had NO problem going to story time this morning. We dropped Middle Sister off at 9:00 for Sunshine Kids and then went back at 10:00 for story time. I didn't even have to go downstairs with her, she went with the teacher! I was just a little sad, but JUST a little! It is nice that she wanted to go. I peeked in on them after a little and Middle Sister was showing her around and even had her arm around her to make sure she went where she was supposed to. Little Sister did the craft and had fun. My baby is growing up.

Little Sisters hastily thrown together treats to hand out at Story time tomorrow. This will be her first time there! I can't believe she is 3 already, all potty trained, and ready to go off to story time with Middle Sister. Where did the time go???

Totally worn out. It was very warm and cosy in the living room and I think one of her sisters had been reading to her. This is how I found her tonight about 8:00. Looks VERY uncomfortable to me! She was promptly jammied and put in bed and is sleeping soundly. Hope it stays that way 'cause I'm headed for my bed now too.

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Not Me! Monday

Not Me! time again!

I did NOT use my husbands toothbrush one morning. And after discovering it halfway through brushing I DID NOT finish brushing with it thinking 'Oh well.' (What was he thinking buying an orange toothbrush when the one I'm using right now is orange??)

I was NOT up in the night a lot with Little Sister and Middle Sister. I did not have to change Little Sister several nights because she wet the bed and it wasn't because I forgot to get more pull-ups. (I'm NOT forgetful yet)

I absolutely DID NOT sleep in on Sunday - till 11:00 am! Not Me! And I didn't go on to take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I'm NOT that desperate for sleep.

I did not pay someone to make Little Sisters birthday cake. I always manage to juggle EVERYTHING and do it all myself. And the cake WAS NOT better than any cake I've ever baked! (oh yes, actually it WAS! It was delicious!)

I'm NOT going to go eat a piece of the leftover cake. I just don't DO that!

I Don't just love MckMamma and her blog. Get on over there and check out her Not Me's this week!


16 November 2008

No Title.

What would you call this? I couldn't think of a title for this post. It's an old window out of our house that I painted a couple of weeks ago. T is planning to make me a cupboard for my sewing room and this will be the door. In the meantime it was sitting in my way and I decided to hang it on the wall and 'decorate' it. It hangs in my sewing room above my sewing machine right where the planned cupboard will hang (hopefully).

15 November 2008

Little Sister's 3rd Birthday Party.