28 December 2009

{Little Sister}

She looks so sweet in this picture.  It's hard to believe, looking at that smile, that she is the same 'Little Sister' who threw a huge, screaming, crying, half hour long fit just this morning.  She got up before 8, which is quickly becoming her new normal.  When she didn't find Mommy in bed (as she usually does) she stood at the top of the stairs and screamed for me to come carry her down.  She knew where I was 'cause she had been down there w/ me at 4:30 when I went down to take care of my sick husband. 
She has been developing this big stubborn streak, insisting on her own way.  It's so easy to give in to what she wants just to shut her up!!  I've been trying not to do that, so this morning I stayed where I was (curled up on the way-to-short loveseat) and listened to her for over 1/2 an hour.  She was pretty worked up to say the least.  She finally gave in and came to me and we cuddled for awhile.

It made me think.  How many times do I do the same thing to my Heavenly Father??  How often do I want MY way, right now, when I say, what I say, how I say, why I say...
Not stopping to think that HE is my Father and HE is the one who knows best.  How often do I kick and scream and cry, wanting it MY way when it would be so much easier and more peaceful to come to HIM and let Him hold me, carry me, direct me?
We can learn much from our children as we strive to bring them up in HIS way.

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!

22 December 2009

{Christmas dinner with friends}

Beautiful centerpiece...

...for a beautifully set table.

Place cards

Some of the hostess' decor

Lovely entry

kitchen window sill

Don't ask!!!

'the ladies'
and since you asked so nicely - that's me right in the middle!

21 December 2009


And what God has joined together let no one come between
Or try to put us under lovers building their dreams
The light that shines forever is now burning in our hearts
What God has joined together let no one ever part.
                                                                    (Paul Overstreet song)

I love the symbolism of the wedding band.  An unending circle, it represents how a married couples love for each other should be endless and it also reminds us that God's love for us IS endless.  Today, Travis and I finally have wedding bands, an outward symbol of our love and committment to each other.  Those of you who know us, will understand why we are just now wearing wedding bands after being married for over 12 years!  For those of you who don't know us but read my blog, I will explain briefly.  Until a year ago, we were part of a church denomination that did not allow jewelry of any kind, including wedding rings.  A year ago, when we made the decision to leave that denomination and follow where the Lord would lead us, I began talking about getting rings.  Travis was a bit surprised as I'd never really said anything about it before.  My response was 'why talk about it when I knew we couldn't have them?!'
When I explained, he understood.  I especially wanted one for him.  He travels for work occasionally and I just wanted the reminder to him that he is married!!  Not that I think he'd forget!!  I really wanted other women to know he was taken:)
I find it wonderful that Travis is willing to show everyone he is committed to me and our marriage. 
We looked at rings in September thinking we would get them for our anniversary.  The price of gold halted that plan.  I kept thinking 'maybe when our tax refund comes in."  Then last week I was chatting with a friend on facebook and she mentioned ordering their wedding bands for their upcoming wedding.  And voila!!!!  Overstocks.com saved us over half the price of the ones we looked at in the jewelry store:)  And we have our rings on for Christmas.

Nothing... but a child.

Once upon a time in a far off land
Wise men saw a sign and set out aross the sand
Songs of praise to sing, they travelled day and night
Precious gifts to bring, guided by the light
They chased a brand new star, ever towards the west
Across the mountains far, but when it came to rest
They scarce believed their eyes, they'd come so many miles
And the miracle they prized was nothing but a child

Nothing but a child could wash these tears away
Or guide a weary world into the light of day
And nothing but a child could help erase these miles
So once again we all can be children for awhile

Now all around the world, in every little town
Everyday is heard a precious little sound
And every mother kind and every father proud
Looks down in awe to find another chance allowed

(song sung in the movie, 'The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey')

18 December 2009

Just something new to look at.

17 December 2009


Ready for Christmas?

"Ready for Christmas," she said with a sigh,
As she gave a last touch to the gifts piled high,
Then wearily sat for a moment and read,
Till soon, very soon, she was nodding her head.

Then quietly spoke a voice in her dream,
"Ready for Christmas?  What do you mean?
Ready for Christmas when only last week
You wouldn't acknowledge your friend on the street.

"Ready for Christmas, while holding a grudge?
Perhaps you had better let God be the judge,
Why, how can the Christ-child come and abide
In the heart that is selfish and filled with pride?

"Ready for Christmas when only today
A beggar lad came and you turned him away
Without even a smile to show that you cared?
The little he asked - it could have been spared.

"Ready for Christmas? You've worked, it is true,
But just doing the things that you wanted to do.
Ready for Christmas? Your circle's too small -
Why, you are not ready for Christmas at all!"

She awoke with a start and a cry of despair,
"There's so little time and I've still to prepare.
O Father, forgive me, I see what You mean,
To be ready means more than a house swept clean."
Yes, more than the giving of gifts and a tree,
It's the heart swept clean that He wants to see;
A heart that is free from bitterness, sin -
Ready for Christmas - and ready for HIM.

16 December 2009

Christmas gift idea

This apron 'pattern' came from Amy Butler's book 'IN STITCHES'.  There really isn't a pattern, just instructions on how big to cut each piece and how to sew them up.  It was super easy and turned out so cute.  I like the way it fits and I LOVE the towel loop.  Add a cute towel and some kitchen utensils and you have a fun, inexpensive gift:)
(excuse the camera strap in the picture)

15 December 2009

More Decor

Christmas Pageant

And she brought forth her firstborn son... and laid him in a manger...  Luke 2:7

13 December 2009


Please pray for 'Towngirl' and her family.  Her Mother died this weekend and they need you to keep them in their thoughts and prayers.

Jenni, I love you and I'm praying for you.  I'm praying God will hold you tightly in His arms and carry you as you go through your Mother's funeral and the days of grieving ahead.  I have a huge hug for you when I see you again.

12 December 2009

The Sisters

Middle Sister wants her hair to grow out.  She wants braids.  It's still too short to make good braids but I did get it back in two very short pony tails today.  I had to take a picture of her and then of course the other two sisters wanted theirs taken too:)

Big Sister

Middle Sister

Little Sister
(let's hope this one doesn't decide she wants her hair long now too.  I'm not sure I'd survive growing them both out at the same time)

11 December 2009

BOX WITH A CROWN ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I cropped this out of a big picture.  Not the best but I edited it the best I could:)  I'm too lazy to take another picture, download it from my camera, edit the new one... will this do???

YES!  I got the box with the crown on top!  And would you PLEASE tell me who you are that left it here and now left an anonymous comment asking if I got it:) :) :)
I was planning to post a picture of it and ask if anyone wanted to tell me where it came from.  I was SURE I took a picture of it the day I got it but for the life of me I can't find it in any of my picture folders.  I'm sure my camera must have ate that picture.  I don't blame it, it is a beautiful box so the picture looked good enough to eat:)
Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH whoever you are.  I love it.  PLEASE TELL ME WHO YOU ARE??!!!


ok, facebook is very addictive!  But oh so fun.  It's great to reconnect with friends who I rarely see anymore.  And I'm sure Joni is right - after the first couple of weeks I'll only have to check in like, 3 times a day.  And hopefully I won't spend quite as much time searching for new friends by then too!!!
So, in case I get a little lax here on my blog for awhile...you know where to find me!
(not sure why I think i might get lax here?!)

08 December 2009

Caramel Apple Dip

Need a simple but absolutely delicious caramel dip for the holidays?  This one is the easiest ever!!!:)

Take an unopened can of sweetened condensed milk; take the label off.  (use more than 1 can depending on how much dip you want:)

Place can(s) in a large pan and cover cans with water.  Place pan on burner, turn burner on high, bring to a boil and boil for 2 to 3 hours.  You will have to add water every so often to keep the cans covered with water. 

I did these cans for 3 hours.  I've done it since and only boiled them for 2 1/2 hours.  I'm going to go 2 hours next time.  The sweetened condensed milk turns to caramel; the longer you boil the more set the caramel is.  Depends on how solid you want it.

Voila!  Yummy!

05 December 2009

Playing catchup #2 (tea party)

Little Sister got a tiny tea set for her Birthday from Grandpa Phil and Grandma Becky.  Big Sister dug her tiny tea set out and decide it would be a good idea to take both sets along and have a 'tea' party at Grandma's on Thanskgiving Day.  Little Sister's set was in a basket, packed so as not to break.  Big Sister's set was residing in the china cupboard.  So Big Sister proceeded to do a wonderful job of wrapping her set carefully in newspaper and putting it all in a box.  She made sure it all got to Grandma's safely!  In the evening I made a batch of hot chocolate to use in place of tea.  Tiny pieces of pumpkin pie took the place of English scones.  They had a 'tea' party, made a mess, and had a ton of fun:)

The tiny marshmallows that were with the hot chocolate were a great stand in for sugar cubes!

The proper way to hold your tea cup??!

And their apple butter bread had to be spread with the tiny knives that came with the tea set!!!!

04 December 2009

Playing catchup #1 {Thanksgiving}