25 April 2011

Wedding Dress

Start to finish.  It was so fun to see this come together.  And the bride lookded adorable in it too:)  That's always a good thing. 
(please disregard the messes you might see around the edges in the pics.  I was sewing...what do you expect?  A clean house too??)


 Attached to skirt!
 Train is gonna be lovely...

 Skirt gets covered with this gorgeous stuff.

 This book is a wedding seamstress' best friend.
 Yes, you CAN make straight lace into a curve:)  That book that is my best friend told me how:)

 These gathers were so beautiful!  So pretty and delicate.  Loved the way this fabric draped.

 And the crowning touch was this absolutely goregous belt the bride picked.  Yes all those rows of beads are hand sewn on.  But the beads were pre-attached to rows of reinforcing so it's not like I had to sew EACH SINGLE bead on.  Just the 7 strips of beading.  And yes I enjoyed doing it.

 SO fun to see the finished product:)  All hemmed and ready to go.

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11 April 2011

Easter decor

 M*rtha's carrots were just too cute!  I loved them but thought 'I'm not buying all the crepe paper streamers that would need.'
 2 days later at Goodwill I found a bag of crepe paper streamers that included the colors I needed to make carrots.  $1.99 for all.  I grabbed them!
 Viola!  Crepe paper carrots.

 I asked a friend if the kind of chickens that lay blue eggs would live around here.  'I have some!' she informed me!!!  So I bought eggs from her, emptied them, washed them, and now I have really fun, really cute Easter decor.

 Isn't this concrete bunny just adorable?  I found him at Marshall's last year and couldn't leave him there all lonely and forlorn.
 A couple favorite Easter pics.  Mary at the tomb and an old flash card with a spike on it.
 Nest of flowers in my twigs that have never found there way back outside.
 Tiny sheep under a tiny cloche.
Nest of eggs.  In the same bunch of twigs.

08 April 2011

Time for a winner!

Giveaway has ended.  And the winner is... Carol http://carolsstitchingandwhatnot.blogspot.com/

Congratulations Carol, you can join me in making delicious recipes from Pioneer Woman:)
Send me your address and I will get this mailed to you!!!!

Thank you to all who entered.  I love doing giveaways when I have a great idea of something to give away:)  I'll keep my eyes open for something else great and do another one sometime.

01 April 2011


Update #2:  Giveaway ends Friday - sometime!  I will draw a name hopefully in the morning on Friday as I plan to be gone in the afternoon, helping out a friend with some design/sewing.  So hang in there, it's coming:) 

Update:  Well.  The temp might have gone above 65 but it's rainy.  I know, I know, I'm being picky.  But it's my blog so I can do what I want.  Ha. (that's one delightful thing about a blog - you can do what you want - heehee.) 
So anyhoo, I'm leaving the giveaway open till oh, say, this Friday, the 8th.  That will give me several more days that I don't have to come up with another blog post:)

Anyone who knows me very well at all, knows that I am past ready for spring.  In fact I'm ready to head right on past spring and soak up some serious summer heat.  I guess I'm getting old before my time because these bones of mine just cannot handle the cold.  I've been telling my husband that it will soon be cheaper to just take me somewhere warm for the winter than to heat the house as warm as I want it!!

Anyway.  The weather forecast says the temps are going to rise - a little.  So spring is near.  Of course it is!  God promised that seed time and harvest, summer and winter, cold and heat would never cease as long as the earth endures!  And it's still enduring.  It is groaning and travailing but it is still enduring.

So to celebrate the promise of spring I'm going to host that giveaway I promised you. 

How many of you are part of Pioneer Woman's 50,000+ readers?  I've heard of her and I know some of you are avid readers of her blog.  I have to admit I don't read it much.  and not at all till recently.  My sister gave my brother PW's cookbook for Christmas.  I looked through it and must say I was hooked from page one.  Then my sister gave ME PW's cookbook just for anyhow:)  YAY for sisters!!! 
PW's blog is well worth reading.  She's a great writer, will keep you in stitches.  But her blog is one that takes longer to load and with my computer slowness issues plus my busy sewing schedule, plus homeschooling.... do you get the picture of why I don't read her blog real often?  But it's worth it when I do!  It's on my list of favorite blogs.
To say the least I've been enjoying PW's cookbook.  To get a little more intense about it, I'm 'in love' with this cookbook!!!!!  It's the best.  It's kicked my cooking skills back into gear.  My family has been pleased - well at least my husband.  My kids aren't quite as impressed.  But then it's hard to impress people who think boxed mac and cheese and hot dogs are the best thing since sliced bread.
This photo is residing on the desktop of my computer right now.  I may need to remove it.  Or make more cinnamon rolls.  Honestly I've never had such wonderful cinnamon rolls.  True gooiness all the way through.  Nothing dry about these.  And the icing is to die for.
French Breakfast Puffs.  Yum.  Middle Sister didn't like all the decadent cinnamon/sugar they are coated with.  Too sweet she says.  Too gritty.  She's crazy.
Potato/Leek Pizza.  Yummmmm.  Must buy the Pampered Chef Mandolin.  The potatoes need to be really thin.  So do the Leeks.  I don't have the patience to slice all this stuff so thinly with a knife.  It takes too long.  Anyone who knows me very well won't be surprised that I have no patience for something like spending a loooong time slicing stuff!
Cowboy Calzones.  Girls weren't impressed with these.  Hubby and I were.  But next time I am going to put in the HOT sausage she called for instead of regular.  One thing I've decided - these recipes are already perfect.  No need to change a thing.  And no substitutions.  Make it like it says to make it!!!!!
Marmalade Muffins.  These were made even better because of the beautiful helper I had.  Still in her jammies, but hey, it was Saturday.  Never mind the fact that jammies are, more often than not, normal attire, for the young females in this house.

So,  to get to the point of this post - you thought I never would didn't you?  Sorry, they didn't call me 'windy' as a child for nothing.  I bought PW's cookbook a couple weeks ago to give one of you!  So you can join me in making gooey cinnamon rolls, yummy potato/leek pizza, cowboy calzones, muffins and all the other great recipes.
The Rosemary Potatoes are out-of-this-world.
PLUS Pioneer Woman is funny!  I have yet to make a recipe that doesn't have me laughing loudly:)  She's great.

So just leave me a comment, any old comment and you will be entered.  If you can spare the time, I'd dearly LOVE to know how you found my blog and what makes you read it.  Especially to those of you in that list of followers that I don't know.  There are quite a few of you now that I don't know.  So please share if you will!!

oh yes, giveaway ends, oh, lets say when the temperature here goes above 65 again!!!!!
Happy Commenting:)