27 June 2009

Planting a Christmas Card!?!

I found this Christmas card when I spring cleaned my dining room. It had fallen behind a cabinet. I laid it on the bookshelf in the sewing/computer room and it promptly got covered up. When I was moving things back into my kitchen and reorganizing the sewing/computer room I found it again and we managed to get it planted before it got lost again:-) It is seeded with trees and they are supposed to grow. That is if we remember to give it some water now and then! {card came from Minister Grace Thanks Joni!}

25 June 2009

Another Birthday Gift

My sister-in-law gave me this the other day. So sweet of her to remember my birthday.

23 June 2009

~One of my favorite foods~

Ripe avocados, fresh cilantro from my herb garden, garlic, tomatoes, jalapenos, sea salt, lime/lemon juice = yummy fresh guacamole. Our first batch of the season:-)
I don't like the jalapeno juice on my hands. It always ends up making my hands burn and then I end up getting it in my eyes.


22 June 2009

"Minister Grace" came to my house!

...and she brought my birthday gift! That was so sweet of you, Joni, not necessary of course, but very fun!

t-shirt, scarf, kitchen towel, pattern tag, vintage flash card, 3 bobby pins w/ vintage buttons, and a card that says, 'I'd rather be blogging'. The card is in my kitchen window sill - and yes, lots of times I would 'rather be blogging'!!
My blog verse and the one following it, on the front of my new t-shirt.

I absolutely adore old paper stuff, and since I have 3 girls, this vintage flash card is a favorite! Haven't put the hair pins in my girls hair yet, but I've tried them out myself:-)

Love her cute tag made out of an old pattern.

Thanks for stopping Joni, it was fun to get to see you a little. Please feel free to use my computer to catch up on your blogging any time you are in the area!

21 June 2009

{Happy Father's Day}

...to the best Dad in the world. May God bless you as you continue your journey with Him.
...to the father of my children, the love of my life. Thank you for being the wonderful man God has made you and for the way you love and care for me and your 3 girls.
...to my father-in-law. Thank you for raising Travis and teaching him to be such a wonderful, God-fearing man. May God bless you richly.

20 June 2009

Have a happy weekend.

19 June 2009

Big Sister's cozy retreat.

18 June 2009

Fun Stuff.

Birthday gift from Kara. Thanks! I've got it full:-)
All restocked with ribbons and fabric for more fun sewing!

17 June 2009

I love weddings.

Cake was yummy. I love wedding cake. The ice cream went over well too, as it was rather warm out! There was black raspberry sauce to put on it too:-)

It's a beautiful day for a wedding! Let's get married!

Waiting their turn for pictures
All the wedding help.

I gave Big Sister the camera and she had fun taking pictures! She did a good job and got some really fun shots.

One of the bags the bride made. She gave them to the little girls who helped in the wedding.

My Grandma made wedding ring quilts for all 25 of her grandchildren. And I think we have all taken a picture like this at our weddings!
Car was decorated tastefully!

Off into the sunset to start a new life together. "What God has joined together, let not man put asunder." Matthew 19:6

16 June 2009

Ready for a wedding!

All dressed up for the wedding we went to last Saturday. {here's some more pics of me, are you happy Joni!?}

15 June 2009

Totally unstaged, here's my new kitchen, as it is now!

This is the wobbly, ugly, falling apart cabinet that was in the house when Travis bought the place 12 years ago, the summer before we were married. It worked, did the job for 12 years but it was ready to be put out to pasture (the trash) I was glad to see it go!
It was replaced with this. Solid wood, drawers to keep things more organized, and it is screwed to the wall so it can't wobble on the uneven floor. (gotta love old houses with their sloping floors:-)
The counter top is just a piece of plywood at this point, hopefully we will soon have a permanent one. I can live with plywood for awhile (maybe even 12 years!)
Love the new VCT tile floor. I'd recommend it to anyone!
The best overall shot I could get. Please excuse the groceries on the counter, sea monkeys hatching on top to the fridge, Little Sister eating her snack, cookie jar still hanging out on stove, crafts on the refrigerator door, avocados ripening on windowsill, etc. You say you wouldn't have noticed all that if I hadn't pointed it out? Yeah, well I always have to do that huh??! Didn't want you to think it's always that way;-)
Hopefully the curtain rods will soon be up instead of leaning against the cupboard. I'm wanting to go to Columbus to Sew to Speak to get curtain fabric and Travis doesn't want to put the rods up till I have fabric. I am planning to not put them at the top but about 1/3 of the way down so you see part of the window. T is just sure if he hangs the rods now I will have to have them moved 'cause the fabric won't be long enough or something. Since I rarely work with fabric I doubt I can figure that out ahead of time huh?? (lots of sarcasm on the last sentence!!!)
Large red 'F' had to stay!