31 July 2011

Couture Snippets ~ No. 2

A seamstress is only as good as her iron. 
There was a time when my Mom would not have thought I would ever say that.  I detested ironing.  To put it mildly.  What was the big deal?  What was the point of pressing your seams before moving on in your sewing project?  Just turn the seam the same direction at both ends when sewing it into the next seam and iron everything at once when you got finished.  Yeah.  I once thought that.  And I proceeded to test my theory.  Mom was right.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO PRESS YOUR SEAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it was an author in Martha Pullen's magazine 'Sew Beautiful' who said "your iron will be your most important tool".  She was right.  I cannot end up with a quality finished job if I do not do the proper pressing at the proper times.
I still hate ironing clothes.  I dash through the few things we need for Sunday morning, ON Sunday morning.  I iron an outfit or shirt when necessary.  But I do NOT spend my Tuesday ironing clothes along with all the towels and bedsheets.  Just don't have it in me.  Besides, I tend to not get all the laundry done on Monday anymore:)
So thankful I'm not placing this on a hot, wood burning stove every time I'm sewing!

This one looks a little more up and coming, might be able to put water in it to have some steam?
That's another thing about irons.  THEY MUST HAVE STEAM.  Pressurized steam is by far superior.  I HIGHLY recommend it even if you don't sew.  Your clothes will look like they came from being pressed at the cleaners.  Or better.

I started out with one of these.  And I wore it out in less than 2 years.  I have been through so many irons I have totally lost count.  I've had several Rowenta's.  They are good irons, I just can't seem to get them to last.  I've tried cheap, I've tried expensive, I have decided I am just too hard on them. 

Eventually I spent the $$ on a pressurized steam iron from Reliable.  It looked similar to this one but didn't have the cork handle.  It lasted 2 years which was over twice as long as the non-pressurized had been lasting.  I think it cost $159. 
By now, I was hooked on the pressurized steam.  Wouldn't consider anything else.

This time around I tried this one for about $50.  It lasted around a year to a year and a half.  I ordered another one that was supposed to be like the Reliable I'd had before and when it arrived guess what was in the box!  Another iron just like this one.  I was not happy.  But I'm using it and for now it's working.  My husband and I have decided that the way I use an iron is too hard on them, they get too hot for too long.  When I sew, my iron is on.  And most times it is on for hours if not all day long.  I think these irons just are not made for that kind of use.  I would HIGHLY recommend the Reliable if you can spend the $$.  If not go for the Euro Monster.  Especially if you mainly just iron most of your clothes at the same time, once a week or so. 

This is the iron I want now.  It is $899.  The boiler tank holds over a gallon of water, it gives over 6 hours of continuous steam and is rated for unlimited use per day.  I'm hoping I can swing that price the next time my iron bites the dust.  This thing is a must.
After all, a seamstress is only as good as her iron:)

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29 July 2011

Dressed for a Wedding

This dress turned out SO cute.  This bridesmaid was about 8 months pregnant and wanted her dress to look like the others but accommodate her pregnant belly.
I shortened the bodice, left out the darts since shortening it took it almost to the top of the darts anyway.  Then I used a maternity skirt pattern.
This one was the one I made with the regular pattern.
It is next to impossible to get good pictures that really show how neat dresses are when I have to just hang them in my house.
Love this shot!

Seeing them on the girls is SO much better.  And still, my pictures do NOT do them justice.  These girls were all so adorable and looked just lovely in these dresses.  My camera just doesn't quite cut it since it's little trip to the floor when my girls were fussing over it.  Gotta get a new one.

Checking the sashes, the drape, the way the sunlight hit them, making sure all was as the Bride wanted for her big day!
I made the 2 on the left, the others were made by the girls moms.  I had a phone chat with one of the Mom's during the sewing process.  She is German.  I loved her accent. AND her sewing knowledge.  I could tell from the short time I talked with her that she knows WAY more than I do!  I felt a little funny that she was calling me with a question:)  I would love to spend an afternoon with her learning sewing tips and tricks.
Both of the other dresses were wonderful.  It was so neat to see them all look the same even with 3 different seamstresses.  And I loved the pattern and color.  You can't go wrong with vintage inspired patterns and dark navy.  Always classic and timeless.

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27 July 2011

Upcoming Event! Mark your calendars!!

I have been wanting Kara to do this for awhile now.  I so miss the brick and mortar shop.
This is the next best thing and maybe even better:)
Also - Sew a Fine Seam will be one of the pop-up shops, sharing a tent with M.Blooms.
I'm getting really excited, tons of ideas floating around in my head, trying to get out and make themselves:)   Stay posted!!

Below is what Kara posted on her blog.  Be sure to head over there and check her blog often for more details:)


September 23rd 10am-8pm & September 24th 10 am- 5 pm

Her day is filled with laundering textiles; she hurriedly gathers her french laundry basket to collect the linens off the line, so she can enjoy a seemingly simple afternoon in the countryside. She is in a dither over going to the charming brick farmhouse event that is "on the way to nowhere and out of the way from everywhere!"

& POP-UP SHOPS filled to the brim with charming merchandise
& one-of-a kind finds.

Event is also in conjunction with the Mother & Daughter team that offer "fun finds" at their historic properties in Verona, Ohio.
The Baltimore Shop {47 years} and The Little Shop {25th anniversary}
4 miles South of our Brick Farmhouse event.

Local Attractions:
Bear's Mill
Smith Coffeehouse & Eatery in a historic building
Restored Garber Homestead Ohio Park District
{Map will be available}

No Entrance Fee--
& more details to come

email us for directions:

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26 July 2011


My wonderful hubby made me this delicious, beautiful shake.  He used leftover homemade ice cream and blueberries out of the freezer.  And he's totally getting the whole 'cute' thing!  Love the way he put the blueberry on top.

One of the hydrangeas I planted this spring.  Finally found the Anabelle variety 'Incrediball'  Can't wait till next year, hoping for some awesome blooms.

Cute decor at Kara's. Love how she plopped the V's on that plate.

Fun fabric from Hobby Lobby.

More fabric from the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby.

Fun stuff from the dollar bins at Target

More Hobby Lobby finds.  1/2 off.  And I'm a sucker for metal signs.

Couldn't resist getting the 'F' too.
And the shaped box woods we put in front this year.  The round ones have been there a few years and I had some hydrangeas where the taller ones are.  They didn't bloom like I wanted so they got moved.  And we finally found something we both really liked to put here.  Eventually I'd like to add some short grass or something in front of the bushes.  I love the layered look in landscaping.  Lots of landscaping ideas for some year.

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Creative Fun

Here are some pics I have saved in a 'creative' file.  Thought I'd share.  I don't remember where most of them came from:(  If you recognise one and know where it's from do tell!

This would be so fun to make!  I love maps and I love sewing.

I HAVE made one of these.

Cute party idea. From Hostess with the Mostess (thanks Roxannne!)
The blog is pretty cute, check it out:)

Baby shower invites.  I used this idea for a friends baby shower about 3 years ago.

I'm pretty sure this one is from Andrea Singarella's blog.  I think maybe the strawberries and peas were on a purse but I can't remember if she made them or if someone made them for her.  She love strawberries and I think this is just darling.  Love how they added the peas and how those are made.

If I remember correctly this cake wasn't supposed to be crooked like this but I just love it.  I'd call this a GOOD accident!

This came from Andrea too.  She made this as part of a journal swap or something like that.  I saved the pic because I thought it would be a darling idea to pull from for some girlie birthday invitations.

And this was from Etsy.  You could buy the pdf instructions for making these flowers.  I'm liking the way zippers are being used to make all kids of creative stuff.

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25 July 2011

Things to come...

So.  Now that vacation is over and the piles of laundry and luggage are beginning to shrink, I'm starting to think about the future of 'Sew a Fine Seam'
There's some stuff in the works, it's just taking awhile. 

You may have seen some of these little 'coin purses' on etsy quite some time ago.  I sold all those, just not on etsy!  I just never seem to have the time to get my ideas for etsy together and up and running.
Anyway.  I have some more of these made and they may just show up somewhere sometime soon along with some other fun stuff!

More to come - very soon!

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23 July 2011

The Bread Basket of America

Summer and winter, cold and heat, seed time and harvest...

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21 July 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Big Sister
Big Sister
Middle Sister

Middle Sister's birthday party buffet.  Big Sister wanted in the picture.  Totally forgot she had that dress!
Middle Sister and Big Sister
Cousin R. and Big Sister
Shelf in Big Sister and Middle Sister's room - many years ago!
Middle Sister, CousinT, CousinR, and Big Sister
Cousin T and Middle Sister have always been best buds!
Big Sister
And Little Sister!