29 May 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday.  And since I don't feel like making myself a cake I'm admiring this one!  I love it!  I know it was a blogger I follow who made this but I cannot remember who.  I just know I loved it so I saved the pic.  I do remember that she didn't really plan for it to turn out 'crooked'.  Isn't it fun when things turn out differently than we planned but end up so much cuter in the end!  I love the quirkyness it gives to have the layers uneven and then even it all out by turning the layers opposite each other. 

25 May 2010

It's a dress...it's a shirt....it's a dress...

We have a great library just down the street and around the corner.  They have a wonderful Storytime teacher and the best librarians around.  SOOO different from the library of my childhood where whispering was frowned on.  Here everyone talks in a normal voice and children are ENCOURAGED!!  They have computers with all kinds of learning games for kids to play on, and if you need a book they don't have - they will get it for you:)  The librarians who work on Storytime day know us well.  One of the librarians is fabulous at finding a book you are looking for.  She knows those shelves like the back of her hand:)  A few weeks ago she pointed out the book below to me.  It was new to the library and she thought I might like to take a look at it. Told you they know us well!!  I took a 4 or 5 week 'look'.

My birthday is coming up soon, like as in 'Saturday soon', and I would love to have my own copy of this.  hint hint ;)

If you've ever wanted to do any of the projects that were featured in any of the M*rtha magazines this is the book for you.  They are all here.
There is a pattern cd in the back.  Print away!

Have any old dress shirts of your husbands that you just love but they are getting worn around the collar??  Turn them into dresses for the little girl(s) in your life.

(sorry about the unedited pictures, I didn't take time for Picassa this morning.)

Little Sister loves to pose!
Arm detail.  I, of course, can't seem to follow a pattern exactly:)

Don't sew??  Send me a shirt and I will make one for the little girl in your life!!
 $25 each, you supply the shirt, bias binding, and thread.

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19 May 2010

Sewing project (from a couple months ago)

Several years ago I read in a magazine about using drop cloths to make things.  I think the project was porch curtains.  I'm still waiting on my opportunity to make porch curtains for MY porch.  So far we have not started our porch makeover yet!  We are still working INSIDE our house:)  But recently I have been using drop cloths to make things.  If you haven't seen the slipcovers I made for Kara go here to see them.  A couple (or 3 or 4) months ago a friend asked me if I could remake her laundry cart bags as they were getting very well worn.  So I took one of the bags, took it apart, used it for a pattern and made 2 new bags out of a dropcloth.  Add some grommets at the top(Travis has to put the large ones in for me - I don't have the umph to get them in) and voila!  New laundry cart bags!!  Hope they hold together well!

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15 May 2010

Fun Finds

New Porch chairs
Huge cloche found at Marshalls:)

White Linens to finish my love seat properly

Fun red letters

Linens and fabric

High St. sign.  Yes, I know my high street runs north and south.  But I love it anyway!

Favorite find of the day - french baguette baskets.  Swoon!!  There were 3, I bought them all!  One went to my wonderful friend who kept Little Sister for me.  Thanks Jess!

Bright ribbon and vintage valentine picks.

Dish towels

Vintage bag for picnics.  Park day anyone?

10 May 2010


A few weeks ago we went to Cincinnati for a Home School Convention.  Here are the pictures we took.

I loved all this artwork.  So cool how these kids took trash and turned it into something quirky and beautiful.

Street Preacher.  He was preaching Jesus Christ, our RISEN SAVIOR to anyone who wanted to listen.  We were blessed by him!

09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day!  To my wonderful, Mother and to all the other mother's out there. 
I wanted to upload this song here but couldn't figure out how to do it.  So here are the words. 
I love you Mom!!

Handful of Weeds

Four years old, with dirt on my face
I'd been out in the backyard
pickin dandelions all day
I burst through the front door
when I'd gathered enough
to give to my mom, to show her my love
when I held out my hands
she looked down at me, she said
I've never seen flowers
as beautiful as these

she's the one
who taught me about Jesus
she's the one
who taught me to sing
she deserves, an armful of roses
but she's satisfied with a handful of weeds

Now that I'm older and out on my own
I wish I could find more time
to make it back home
I couldve done better, I know in my heart
than to scribble a note
on a last minute card
And then she calls on the phone
and the first thing she says
is I've read this card over and over again

she's the one
who taught me about Jesus
she's the one
who taught me to sing
she deserves, an armful of roses
but she's satisfied with a handful of weeds

She's always known
what true love means
and I want her to know
what she means to me !

she's the one
who taught me about Jesus
she's the one
who taught me to sing
she deserves, an armful of roses
but she's satisfied with a handful of weeds

She's more than satisfied, with a handful of weeds.