31 March 2010

Scrap Fabric + Orange Dye + T-shirt Alteration = Unique new outfits!

It started with this fabric.  Middle Sister has been asking me for almost a year to make her a skirt out of this fabric.  So now that my skirt like this is faded and rather everyday I finally pulled out my scraps and made, not one but two little skirts out of it.  They were a hit.  Both of my 'little' girls were excited.  Since I used orange twill trim to finish the bottom of the skirts I wanted orange shirts.  Thought I would pick some up in town sometime.  Then I saw this on Lorajean's blog.  Inspiration struck!  I wanted some ruffle t's for my girls.  I wanted them to be orange.
Enter a pack of boys t-shirts.  Plain white basic t's.  They came in a pack of 6.  I needed 3.

I am so in love with RIT dye.  Thanks to Kara for the info about all the colors you can order from them.  I used 'tangerine'.  You can also go to the RIT website and find their chart for custom colors.  The possibilites are almost endless.  More than I could ever exhaust!
Voila!  Now I had 3 ORANGE t-shirts:)  Time to alter - make them girly!
Enter scissors.

Cut off ribbing around neck.
Cut off sleeve hem.

The thread used on these t's is not cotton - therefore it does not dye.  So I removed it.

Wondering why I needed 3 shirts dyed??  The 3rd one got cut into 2 inch strips.

Just like Lorajean I used a gathering stitch on the sleeves, gathered them up, and stitched the gathers in. 
And once again, just like Lorajean, I ran a gathering stitch through the center of the long, now-sewn-together strip of orange t'shirt fabric...
...gathered up the strip and pinned it to the front of the t-shirts...
...made some tucks in the neckline at one side in the front...
...and took pictures of the finished shirts for my blog.

I added some tucks at one side in the back (opposite side from the front)  just so the shirts weren't quite so big around the neck.  Middle Sister and Little Sister arn't very big!  I also added an extra tuck in Middle Sister's after she tried it on and about 3 more in Little Sisters.
They wore their outfits this morning because they just couldn't wait.  I did make them change when they were ready to go outside.  These are some of the funnest outfits I've had for them in awhile.  The best part? VERY VERY inexpensive!!!! 
And of course, Middle Sister insisted I take a picture of them making silly faces:) 

They are now taking turns, along with Big Sister, hiding and finding plastic Easter eggs!  And I'm headed out to soak up some Vitamin D.  Sewing can be done LATER!

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Happy (Belated) Birthday Sweetheart

Travis had a birthday in the middle of my sewing frenzy.  It kind of got lost in the shuffle.  We did go out for pizza that night but I haven't even made a cake.  Shame on me:(  I did find this cute card on a quick dash to Jo-Ann fabrics.  I thought it was really fun!  Love you honey!

30 March 2010

Girls Saturday out

I had been putting off shopping for new spring clothes till I had the bulk of my sewing done so I would have cash to spend.  This past Saturday Big Sister and I, along with Jessica and Meg, went on a shopping spree!  Big Sister was the main one who needed to shop - I made clothes for the little girls - (posts of the stuff I've made are coming, I promise!)
Here are some of the fun things we got.  We went to Meijer, Justice, Marshall's and Target.  Ate lunch at Penera Bread-Big Sister's choice!  Good girl:)

new shoes for Big Sister.  She is very excited about these, wore them right away.

socks for Middle Sister and Little Sister

Hat Jessica bought for Big Sister

Concrete bunny decor object.
pile of big sister's new clothes
I am planning to post pictures of her in each outfit, just need to take the pics!

new flip flops for me:)

29 March 2010

After my marathon sewing week this week past, my floor under my sewing machine looked like this.  Shudder.  Double Shudder.  I had HAD it!!

Out came the sweeper.  Out went the trash.  Ahhhh.  Clean floor.  Empty trash can.  Too bad it only lasted 30 seconds.

Look what arrived at my doorstep today!!!!

My sister is just the best.  And on top of being the best she sent me this fun package in the mail:)  Can't beat that!!
This adorable owl made out of felt is a pin cushion and a tape measure.  Isn't it just the cutest thing?!  A seamstress can never have too many adorable sewing items:)
Inside that delicous looking green, argyle case is this.  In a size that fits in any purse I choose to carry;)  LOVE.
Alligator Eggs.  Highly recommended!!

Remember soap-on-a-rope??  How about candles-on-a-rope??  Nifty.

And this beautiful, springy spray that can be added to any vignette for a touch of Easter cheer:)
Do any of you get overwhelmed at Christmastime with all the 'stuff' we attempt to do?  My sister quit sending Christmas cards several years ago.  Instead she sends Easter cards.  Try this next year if you need a way to slow down and enjoy the true meaning of the Christmas season.
Beautiful cards this year sis!  It found a home on our fridge:)

The Three Muskateers

So Big Sister decided today that she would play hairdresser!  Middle Sister and Little Sister were very willing to be 'customers'.  And they were all more than willing to pose for me!

love little sister's face in this one!!
Amazing how many hair bows have collected here in 11 years.  Too bad they rarely get worn.  Except, of course, for play:)
Little sister forgot she was supposed to be nice in this one!!
...and don't your dare say they are acting like their Mom!!!

25 March 2010


Just a quick note to let you all know that I'm still here, just swiminning in a pile of fabric, patterns, suit coats, skirts, a HUGE dropcloth, dresses, pins, scissors.... and, oh yes, school books:)  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am NOT a fan of winter.  And while I thought we would get lots of school work done durring all the snow and cold this winter, somehow THIS winter threw me for a loop.  I had no energy and no motivation to stay on schedule.  We slept in, we took naps, we read books, we watched movies.  And we did do school work - some of the time!  And I'm happy to say that by buckling down as spring approached, we are caught up and looking forward to being finished in just a few weeks!
I promise you, pictures are coming.  I have quite a few blog posts in the works, it just takes so much time to get the pictures uploaded.  But it's in my plans to get several posts scheduled by the end of this weekend.  Plans can change of course.... so don't hold me to it to rigidly!
Have a wonderful weekend!

11 March 2010

Easter Decor

Darling little carton once held the most delicious ganauche filled eggs.  I kept the carton and filled it his year with matte finished Cadbury eggs.
Nests are always a fun spring decor object.
This card is one of my very favorite in my growing collection of Easter postcards.  McMaster and Storm sent it out a few years ago as their spring sale cards.  And I kept it:)
And my ever-present 'F' detailed w/ a small nest full of eggs.  This also came from McMaster and Storm!  Check out their website, they have some adorable spring-y things just added!