30 September 2011

{Market Treats}

Our 'Market Treats' were provided by these lovely ladies!  And were their baked goods ever delicious!  My 3 girlies sure thought so too, and kept them in business if anyone did!!!
Thanks girls, it was darling, loved your set-up.  It added a great touch to the whole event!

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Canned Goods, Fudge, and Candles

'Market goods' from Judy and 'Josephine Candle Company' by Amber
Very adorable booth, loved their set-up!  We got some peanut butter fudge - it lasted about 6 seconds after the package was opened!  I also have a jar of nacho cheese sauce that I am hording.  Good think Judy lives close to me cause I'm thinking we may need some more goodies.  I noticed homemade vanilla in the pics.  I sure didn't see it the couple of minutes I spent shopping at the insistence of Big Sister!  Wonder if it was gone or if I just missed it?!  Gonna have to give Judy a call:)

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29 September 2011

{Consider the Lilies}

'Consider the Lilies' brought us fresh flowers, moss balls and wreaths, pumpkins, soaps, and more.  I never did get time to really shop in their tent and I regret that.  Can't shop and sell at the same time I've learned!  Their booth was very cute, very well put together and just fit so well with the whole event.  So glad they could join us!

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28 September 2011


I got my pictures from my photographer today!  So now I bring you - 'Graced', one of the fabulous vendors at our 'Brick Farmhouse Event'.  All kinds of fun antiques and vintage finds.  Also they served some fantabulous coffee!!  Come back tomorrow for the next vendor up!

Their burlap topped tents were just too cute!

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The kids even loved it!

The last 3 of the free kitties came home with us.  Could YOU have said no to this little lady??

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27 September 2011

{Brick Farmhouse Event #2}

Go here to see some really good pics of the event.  And while you are there, browse her blog.  She is a very talented photographer AND a very gifted writer.  Get a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate or coffee, sit back, relax, and read!  You won't regret it!


McMaster and Storm

Their booth was awesome - just as expected!  It looked and smelled just like their store.  I didn't get a chance to buy any soap from them - Good think I know the owner well cause I have to have some!
Kara, I'll be over to buy soap soon!!!

Vintage linen fabric, Italian glassware.  Swoon.

Their collection of laundry baskets was amazing.  This one came home with me.  There was a stack of rectangle shaped vintage baskets too.  I'm hoping to see one of them show up at Christmas time with my name on it!!

These Austrailian beer tables are just so adorable!  I didn't even notice them for all the goodies piled ON them but I'm really wishing I could go back and bring this yellow set home with me.  Alas, hubby says 'no' and he's right, we have a furnace to get installed so I can't be spending money on cute tables and benches.  Too bad.  This would look so cute in my back yard.

Kara working her magic wrapping packages for customers.  You just can't find packaging like McMaster and Storms.  They just have the nack.  Wish Darcy had been in this photo too.
I need my pics from my photographer!  Gotta get on that one:)
That's it for now.  Off to get more of my house back in order.  Toodle-oo!!


26 September 2011

Whew.  Events are a ton of work! But it was fun!
I'm still trying to recover but my living room, kitchen and dining room are back to normal. 
 Hopefully the rest of the house will be by the end of the week.
Here are a few of my pics from the weekend.  I did have a photographer friend of mine come and I can't wait to get pics from her.  I know hers will be better.  Here's what I have for now, with more to come!

Tissue covered balls I made to hang in our tent.
I forgot to get a pic of them in the tent.
Hoping my photographer might have got one!

The back of my car on Thursday.  This was load number 4.

Rosemary tucked in the sides!

Advent Calendar.

There was barely room to squeeze these two cuties in but I managed!  They got dropped of at Grandma's.  Thanks Mom!

Part of our set-up on Thursday night.  We had to change a bunch on Friday morning because of the rain but it looked cute and was fun to get it all set up!

This is what it looked like when we pulled everything inside for the night.  The other end was even fuller.  You can just imagine the struggle we had when it was raining Friday morning and we had to try to get most of it inside!

Some of Marcy's hair bows.  She almost sold completely out!!

Antique baby shoe lasses.

Wreath Marcy made.  This one would have come home with me if it hadn't sold.

Sewing kits.

Baby shoes.  Hand made near Cincinnati by some of Marcy's husband's family.

Marcy and me.

Our mantel was a fun prop to display our stuff.  Thanks Marcy for getting it there;)

My Union Jack pillow was one of my favorites.
So was the grey floral ottoman.  It was just so cute!
Sense and Sensibility Apron.