31 December 2008

Christmas Cookies.

I actually made cookies this year like I always want too. My kitchen it less than user friendly(much less!) so I haven't made this many cookies on my own since I had my children. I think I did do it once when I was a just a wife, not a Mom! Now if I make a lot of cookies I do it at my Mom's. But this year I decided I was going to do it, so I made a list of recipes, and a grocery list. My wonderful husband got the groceries and I spent a day making 10 kids of cookies. Next post up will be pictures of how to make all these cookies in a kitchen that has no counters and nowhere to put things! Definitely interesting but I make it work!

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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Remember to keep Christ first in your hearts and lives throughout the coming year.


18 December 2008

{Christmas 2008}

Our small pile of gifts. A little smaller than normal but it has been a good thing. I was amazed at how the girls were still so excited about having Christmas and how they were happy with what they got and didn't wonder why there wasn't more this year. I think we train them to want more because we over give and spoil them. We had a fun evening last night having our little family of 5 Christmas. We always have it early because of all the other extended family Christmases later.
Ready and waiting!

Little Sister was eating a piece of a candy cane and her hands were sticky. Can you tell she is waiting for someone to wash them off?!
Books from their stockings.
Big Sister was thrilled with the jean shirt I picked for her.
Big Sister reading us the Christmas story from the Bible. {Yes, she is wearing her new shirt and a pair of pajama pants! Go figure.}
Little Sister showing off her new engine, Percy covered with frost.

Big Sister detailed these shirts for Middle and Little Sister. It is so fun to see them start wanting to give gifts to each other.
Big Sister looking at 'The Nativity' book we gave them.
Middle Sister showing off the Punchinello dvd she got.


15 December 2008

Christmas purse.

Baby Meg's mother has told me not to give Meg anything else, but I just couldn't resist doing this. (I don't listen well anyway!) I found this cute felt purse in Joann Fabric's dollar bin and as soon as I saw it I thought "how cute would that look with an 'M' on it" So that is what I did. Every little girl needs a purse, right?!? I thought so. Now I need to go see her again and take it to her.

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The Reason for the Season.

I bought my Fontanini starter set about 7 years ago and I've never regretted the almost $200 price tag. The detail on these 7 1/2 inch figures is amazing. Absolutely beautiful. The wise men, drummer boy, donkey, and 2 shepherdesses were gifts over the years from my Mother. I still have several pieces I'd like to add someday, but there is always next year. (and if there isn't next year it won't matter anyway!)
One reason I picked this size was because the baby Jesus actually had clothes on instead of just a strip of cloth across him. Also I really like the way the baby comes out of the manger. The stuff the figures are made of isn't breakable so my children can handle it without Mom saying "don't break it!" When we first set it up it is hard to keep it all on the cupboard, someone is always playing with it.
The Shepherdess with the goose, 'Deborah' is a favorite. She has actually been in some display in my house since I got her for my birthday last may. Isn't she beautiful? I doubt she will get stored away in tissue when the others do, I just have to keep her where I can see her. That is 'Miriam' behind her with a sheep in her basket.
Three wise men and the drummer boy. I've loved the 'Little Drummer Boy' song ever since the high school students sang it at our school Christmas program when I was just a little girl.

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12 December 2008

More Christmas Decor.

"Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the World"
I hung the wreath that had been in the center of the table. It was getting bumped around and I figured as much as I was needing to use my table I'd better get it out of the way!
Back cover of a vintage book.
I redid this and like it much better. These are the only 2 santa's I have. The season is about JESUS not santa. These came with a collection of numerous Christmas objects and I thought they were cute so they have stayed!
Pics of my tree collection. I love trees, next year I'm determined to have a real live, TALL tree! With lights and little banners with scripture references about Jesus being the tree of life, etc.

And my house collection. I love the cozy little things!

Next up will be some close up shots of my Nativity. I've saved the most important for last. I enjoy Christmas and love to decorate. By far the most important thing to portray in my decorations is the birth of Christ for that is the reason for the season. Without that there would be no holiday. Without God's most glorious gift to us there would be no gifts exchanged mid-winter. Without the Lamb there would be no Light, therefore not sparkling, twinkling lights to brighten the dreary world. Remember to keep HIM first this season!
Yuletide Blessings,

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11 December 2008

My Name is Polly.

My girls like to get the Polly stuff out and fill all the water things up and make a mess. But they were enjoying themselves and I got to relax a little so we were all happy!

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10 December 2008

Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Little Sister crawled in here one night and told me she was 'Clifford' and that was her house. Doesn't she make an adorable little 'Big Red Dog Clifford'?
Middle Sister wanted her picture taken with the batting glove that was belonged to Uncle J. It has been a favorite ever since he passed it on to Big Sister and it gets fought over regularly.

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09 December 2008

Pretty Posers.

Little Sister and Middle Sister wanted their pictures taken after I had our boxwood garland hung.

Advent Calendar from this shop!

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