26 August 2010


We headed west on the 14th - the day before Middle Sister's 7th birthday.  Getting to go to Kansas to see Aunt D., Uncle M., Uncle J. and cousins R. and T. was a good birthday present she thought!

Little Sister thought the Krispy Kremes were quite delicious:)
For 11 years we've said we should stop at this sign for a picture.  Finally did it!
Snacking on cheese w/ cracker sticks
Little Sister's ears are too small for the earphones to fit in - she has to hold them to listen to the sound as she watches the movie. (Note to self: buy the over the ear kind!)
zzzzzzzzzzzzz....15 hours is a long time - especially when you get pulled out of bed at 2:40 in the morning:)

to be continued.....

20 August 2010

Little Sister and her art.

18 August 2010

Couch Potato

When Mom takes the couch covers off to wash them it creates a fun way of looking at my books.  Stack up the pillows that have their covers off and aren't put on the couch properly anyway.  Climb to the top, drag your books up there with you and relax!

16 August 2010


This beautiful drapy fabric has me thinking of autumn!
Ribbon flower detail
Old tablecloth given a new life

And the back.  Vintage tablecloths are so fun to make into skirts.

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13 August 2010

Let there be light!

Light for our sewing/school/computer/craft room finally arrived.  Now we can work in here after dark without harming out eyes:)

12 August 2010

More shirt-dresses

11 August 2010






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10 August 2010

Look what "aunt" Jill lets me do!!!

...and I will gladly pose for pictures when I've been up to something I really shouldn't!
You know, those markers were just laying there!  (besides, I KNEW you had washable markers.  I'm sure your kids have done this too.)
I probably shouldn't say this but... I'm really pretty pleased with myself.
since Momma really wouldn't want me to get my belly button pierced I settled for a little color!