26 February 2009

Big Sister's Birthday Treat

I know I'm a couple weeks late posting this but as yucky as I've felt lately getting a post up hasn't been high on the priority list. Hopefully this 'bug' will soon go away for good. I felt better today than I have the last couple so I'm hoping it keeps getting better.

22 February 2009

Shades of Grey.

I have a project in mind similar to Corey's bathroom walls. I need grey paint of any shade and amount. I'd love to not spend a fortune on paint so I'm asking any of you who take the time to read my blog for your help. If any of you have any leftover grey paint sitting around and you would like to get it out of your way I will very willingly take it off your hands! Just let me know and I will figure out a way to get it from you! Check out all of Corey's bathroom pics, she did a wonderful job!


21 February 2009

Anyone ready for Summer?

I know some of you who read this like winter and snow and all that. That's fine, I like it too - for Christmas! Then I'm ready for warm weather and sunshine again.
And after being sick all week and doing nothing but sleep and what I absolutely had to for the kids I am REALLY REALLY ready to see some scenes like this:

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18 February 2009


Update: Would you believe that the child smiling sweetly in this photo has just spent the past 20 minutes throwing a huge, loud, kicking fit, and is still whining and occasionally shrieking her displeasure? Believe it. It's happening.

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16 February 2009

Happy Birthday Big Sister!

Big Sister turned 10 yesterday! How time does move on. Seems like yesterday we brought home that little 6 pound bundle. I'm not thinking what another 10 years may bring!
Big Sister shares a birthday with her Grandma {my Mom} It was such fun to call and ask my Mom if she wanted to see her birthday present the morning she was {finally!} born. Big Sister and Grandma have always spent the day together on their birthday till this year. Grandpa and Grandma had a wedding to go to in Kansas and since Grandpa was officiating it was imperative that they be there!!!! So we celebrated last weekend. Big Sister spent the night and then all day Saturday a week ago with her Grandma and Grandpa. I took supper and a cake to them in the evening. We plan to take Big Sister to American Girl Place in March as her birthday present. She's been asking to go there for her 10th birthday for several years now. Can't believe it is here already.
Happy Birthday Big Sister!

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14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

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13 February 2009

Little Sister

This is what I found the other day when I walked into my living room. No sound, no movement, just hanging there.
When I asked her what she was doing she proceeded to grin and show me.
Step 1: Sit on top corner of love seat.
Step 2: Flop back with your head hanging upside down.
Step 3: Viola! Hang there as long as you like!


12 February 2009

Refrigerators need cleaned??!

This is what my fridge looked like when I started. Shudder. I hate to admit it but it's probably been at least a year since I cleaned this thing this good. {Mom, you did raise me better, I promise!}
To be honest it has looked worse when something has been spilled. And it has gotten spot cleaned now and then, mostly by my husband though. I look at it, know it needs cleaned, wish I had the urge to get at it and get it done, and then I shut the door, move on to something else, and promptly forget it. {At least till the next time someone wants apple juice. Or supper.}
After. All neat and organized again. Just wish it lasted longer. Sigh.

We are taking supper to my Grandma tonight. I suddenly remembered this morning that when you take supper to someone it is nice to have dessert too. So I opened a recipe book, turned to the cookie bar recipes for something easy and voila! We now have dessert to offer.

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11 February 2009

More Famous Ohioan Pictures.

If you click on these photos to enlarge them you can read the details of Annie's life

A couple other displays.

Alice Cary, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Annie Oakley and Mary Fields!
'Annie Oakley' reading her life story.
Delicious snacks.
State Animal - the deer. {Did any of you know Ohio had a state animal and what it was???}
State Flower - Carnation.
State Tree - Buckeye!
This is what little sister did durring the reading of the reports. Middle Sister was a good girl and sat with Grandma and Grandpa!

10 February 2009

Little Sure Shot.

Here is Big Sister on Famous Ohioans day at school. She was Annie Oakley and did a wonderful job.

Display board. I'll try to post more close ups later.

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09 February 2009

After the Ice Jam

This is what the river in our town looks like about 20 minutes after a huge ice jam gives way. We have a video of it and it was really moving fast! Some of the ice chunks were rather large too!

As a side note I just have to brag a bit about being the first to comment on a new post of MckMama's! May not seem like a huge deal to some of you but I found it rather exhilarating!!!

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Not Me! Monday.

It is NOT Monday again. Can't be. 'Cause I'm not still working on last weeks to-do pile.
And that is NOT because I keep stopping my to-do pile to work on 'fun' stuff!
One day this week my hubby did NOT decide to make rice crispy squares using a pan on the stove. {I use the microwave} He did not proceed to set one of my Tupperware bowls on the hot burner after he took the pan off and not realize he had done that till I smelled something burning. It did NOT melt completely through the bottom, completely coating the burner with plastic. I did NOT throw the smoking, smelly thing outside, and I certainly did not throw it away after it was cooled. This did not take me down to 1 burner on my stove that works properly.
I did not totally skip the reading program I had started with middle sister ALL week. It wasn't because I was too busy with my own stuff. And I definitely have not let it go today either. {there is still time today!}
Big Sister did not look totally adorable in her Annie Oakley getup on the day they read their reports. She did not do a wonderful job either!! {pics soon}
I did not sleep most of the day on Sunday (again). I guess sometimes I just have to catch up. (or am I getting old??!!??)
I did not send Big Sister to bed without supper one night after she had been showing a horrible attitude and yelling at me and her Dad. She did not send middle Sister down to get her food. Middle Sister did not tell me about it instead of taking the food to Big Sister. I then did not proceed to relent and let her her have something to eat after she very meekly came to me and said she was sorry for the way she acted. I'm NOT a pushover!
Now you need to head on over to MckMama's blog and read her Not ME! post and check out all the other links. Great fun!


06 February 2009

Sledding Sunday.

This past Sunday was beautiful and WARM! Well, warm compared to what we've been having! It was in the 40's I think.

Big Sister slid down the hill on her tummy. Her coat was slick so it worked well. She ended up taking it off and spreading it out like a sled.
Little Sister had to try it too. Her coat isn't as slick so she had to kick her way down but she had fun.
Coat Sled.
Middle Sister had great fun begging Dad to throw snow at her!