19 November 2008

I'm Cold & Missing Summer!

I am sooooo missing summer already! I wish my kids were still doing this!

The last couple of days I've had a lot of appointments too keep and that means dragging everyone out IN THE COLD! Sorry all you cold weather lovers but getting all the coats, hats, gloves etc. out and zipping everybody in and making sure everyone leaves the coat on till everyone else is ready to go and THEN going out in below freezing temperatures with a wind blowing is not my idea of a good time. I still can't get warm this evening!! I've said before and I still believe it, that I get cold in November and don't thaw till June! I'm so wishing for swimming weather again. Sigh.

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Blogger Mrs. K said...

Sorry, but I don't love summer. The only thing I miss about summer is flip flops. I agree with you about the hats and coats thing though. My youngest just learned how to put his own coat on and we evidently made too big of a deal out of it because if you weren't watching the first time he put it on, he'll take it off and put it back on in front of you until everyone has acknowledged what a bright boy he is - oy vey. And then he insists on taking his hat and mittens off when we get in the van so we have to put them back on when we get where we're going to get *out* of the van. But still, I don't miss summer all that much :o) Long way around the barn!

November 20, 2008 at 1:14 PM  

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