29 April 2010

Coming up soon...

More photos of our trip to Cinicinnati.

26 April 2010

What a ride!!

About 20-25 years ago I thought Lamborghini's were the coolest cars ever.  I wanted one.  And I got one!  Sort of.  A remote control, white Lamborghini.  From my Dad I think.  I'm not sure what became of it but it was cool for awhile and had a place of prominence in my bedroom:)
A couple weeks ago Travis and I went to Cincinnati for a couple days to the Home School Convention.  On Friday night we walked to Fountain Square for dinner.  On our way back to our hotel we spotted this beautiful, lime-green Lamborghini!  It was so cool.  It's the first real one I've ever seen.  It brought back memories of my passion for the vehicle once-upon-a-time, and the remote controlled one I had.  We weren't the only 'tourists' snapping pictures - there were at least 6 other people doing the same.  And the red BMW behind the green Lamborghini??  No one noticed.

Don't you think it's me?  I really need one of these someday don't you think??  You don't???  Yeah, me neither, not really. 
And since the person taking the pictures was male, we have a shot of a wheel...
...and the engine!

25 April 2010

Toy Box Makeover

Update:  Monkeys were all Christmas gifts from a couple different years;)

This has been our toybox for the past few years.  It was my toybox when I was a girl.  Since I finished my couch covers I'd been wanting to paint a couple of things to bring the new 'look' together.  So a few weeks ago when it was nice and warm I got the paint out.
This is what came out of the toybox.  I'm sure none of you have this big of a mess inside a toybox.  I'd been putting this off for this very reason.

Finished.  And the toys did NOT go back in here.  Most of them got put back where they belonged.  Like the pollys, the barbies, the little people, the Lightning McQueen cars, etc.  all went back to their real homes in rubbermaid tubs or baskets.  There was a bag of trash too - large enough to be a tad bit embarrassing:)
Middle Sister wanted her picture taken on the 'new' bench.
Middle Sister and Little Sister decided a picture of all the curious george monkeys we have somehow aquired was necessary so they busily arranged them.

Then they insisted on several pictures of them with the monkeys.  I think they fit right in!

13 April 2010

Garage Sale Time!

I know, I know, Easter is over, time for a new header pic, time for new posts...
Just let me get this garage sale over this week and I will try to get back to my little blog.  It's gonna be a big one - we have over 60 people bringing stuff this time!  We are excited and hoping for lots of sales.  Barn is filling fast, people have been bringing stuff all afternoon and more will come tomorrow.  So that is what my time will be filled with the rest of this week and Mon. and Tues. next week.  Hang in there, I haven't forgotten I have a blog:)  Leave me a comment - I like them as well as some of you like new posts!!!!
Have a wonderful rest of the week, enjoy this delightful weather.  God Bless.

10 April 2010

Chair Repair

We bought this chair at a flea market about 8 years ago.  The back was missing most of the original leather, had a little bit of the webbing left and some stuffing.  We finally took it to my uncle to glue it the wood parts back together and refinish.  Then Travis redid the back.  It's a fun, funky chair, comfy and different!  We like it:)

tools needed!

09 April 2010

Winter Picnic

About 2-3 months ago these two girlies decided to have a picnic with their dolls.  Since it was much too cold and snowy outside to be conducive to picnicing under the shade trees (and there weren't any leaves to form shade, and no sun to be shaded from) they made the wise decision to picnic INSIDE.

Dollies even had their own dishes of ice cream...
with wheat germ and a blueberry added!

Lots of fun was had by all.

08 April 2010

Chocolate Scissors

My parents brought me these from Holmes County a couple of months ago.  Almost too cute to eat but eventually they did get eaten.  And they were as yummy as they look!

07 April 2010

Valentine's (yes I know it's april)

I got so far behind with blogging it's hard to remember what I've not blogged about!  I don't think I ever posted the pictures I took of the day we made Valentine's for 'art class'.  I got out my stash of stamps, tape, ribbon, stickers and all things foofy and fun and let the girls go at it!  They had a ball:)  (they have yet to learn that 'less is sometimes more'!!!)
I made a few too!

06 April 2010

My Budding Little Artist.

05 April 2010

Easter Dresses and Baby Gift

I had planned to take pictures of my girls in their Easter dresses to show you what I made Middle and Little Sisters and what Big Sister found when we went shoppong.  BUT....I didn't take the time before church and after church, well.... they changed clothes too fast for me.  So here is my post on the baby gift I made recently.  And the reason it is relevant is because Middle Sister and Little Sister's dresses are made the same as the baby gift.  So you at least have the idea of what they looked like.  And I will take pics at a later date - after I get the ink marks washed out of Middle Sisters dress!! 
For now, I will be letting my pre-scheduled posts entertain those of you who read this blog:)  This week is looking VERY busy - dress to be made, school to be taught, home school co-op meeting, prayer meeting, helping a friend, picking up Mom and Dad at the airport:), and leaving Friday for a home school convention.(guess that means there will be packing going on too)  So... I will be back later!!  hope you enjoy what has been scheduled, I can't even remember what it is;)
God bless, Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  He is risen Indeed!!!

Original Post:
One of my friends is having a baby girl in a few weeks.  She has 4 boys so they (and we!) are all very excited that it's a girl:)  We had a baby shower for her a couple weeks ago on a warm sunny eary-spring day.  I wasn't sure what to get her and then another friend suggested that I make her a dress like the ones I made my girls for Easter this year.  So I did.  Here is the finished product:)

Extra button attached at the bottom between the lining and the dress.  Fun detail on a homemade gift.
Tag Detail
Another fun thing to do with a homemade gift is to make a cute tag with the size on it.  I cut the back of a tiny notecard off and used the backside of the front to stamp the sheep and write the size of the dress

Front of tag

This is one of my favorite wrapping ideas ever.  Yes, I came up with it myself but there may well be someone else out there who has done this too.  And you are more than welcome to use this idea!  I took a plain brown flat bag, cut out a rectangle on the bottom for the hanger to come through.  Then cut off the top of bag so it is just a little longer than the item you are putting the bag over.  I used pinking shears.  Stamp on the bag whatever you want, use some fun tape to add pizzazz, or whatever you come up with.  I added a small, pink, plastic baby carriage tied with a ribbon.  For this one I hung the dress on an old wooden hanger.  On another gift I used the plastic wal-m*rt hanger and just wrapped a ribbon around the top to make it look nice.


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04 April 2010

Oh that Resurrection Morning Jesus Rose Up From the Grave...!!!