17 November 2008

Story Time!

Little Sister had NO problem going to story time this morning. We dropped Middle Sister off at 9:00 for Sunshine Kids and then went back at 10:00 for story time. I didn't even have to go downstairs with her, she went with the teacher! I was just a little sad, but JUST a little! It is nice that she wanted to go. I peeked in on them after a little and Middle Sister was showing her around and even had her arm around her to make sure she went where she was supposed to. Little Sister did the craft and had fun. My baby is growing up.

Little Sisters hastily thrown together treats to hand out at Story time tomorrow. This will be her first time there! I can't believe she is 3 already, all potty trained, and ready to go off to story time with Middle Sister. Where did the time go???

Totally worn out. It was very warm and cosy in the living room and I think one of her sisters had been reading to her. This is how I found her tonight about 8:00. Looks VERY uncomfortable to me! She was promptly jammied and put in bed and is sleeping soundly. Hope it stays that way 'cause I'm headed for my bed now too.

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