27 July 2010

{Capris into skirts}

I recently did these for a friend.  She found the capri's at thrift stores and on a clearance rack, tore them apart for me and let me get creative and decide what fabrics and trims to use to put them back together as skirts.  Fun project!

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26 July 2010

Ideas please!!!

I found these 2 old window boxes at a garage sale this past weekend.  They are metal and have been painted with silver paint to stop the rust:(  While that would be a great idea if I wanted to use them outside as actual window boxes I'm not really digging the silver look.  The inside isn't as well painted but the outside is just too silver.  So... what should I do with them?  Sand them down good?  Paint them?  And where would YOU put them?  What would YOU put in them????  At least one anyway, 2 might be overkill but I think one could be really fun to use inside somewhere.  So tell me what ya think:)

Egyptian Sandals

Yes, you were right, they are Egyptian sandals.  But would you have known that if you hadn't seen them before!!???!!

After watching the attempts to actually walk in the Egyptian Sandals I decided to just keep these.

24 July 2010

Can you tell me what these are??

21 July 2010

Urban Farmgirl Giveaway!!!

Urban Farmgirl is having a giveaway in honor of her 100th post.  She paints the most awesome white furniture and  I just love following her blog, going along with her to the flea markets where she sells her stuff.  Someday I hope to go to one where she is set up and browse her wares and buy something:)  Head on over there and sign up for her giveaway - it's a good one!

17 July 2010

Sidewalk Art

A whale wedding.  That's what I was told anyway.  She is holding her flowers and he is holding a tie.  No idea why he's holding a tie.  If you need to know, ask Big Sister, Middle Sister, and Little Sister.  Not sure they know the answer either though.

16 July 2010

Garage Sale finds!

$3.75 for 4 pairs of shoes!  Between Big Sister and me I'm sure we will get our money's worth out of them.  We are 'fussing' over the green pair:)
More chairs.  Hubby has learned to just smile when I bring home more chairs.  They need a little TLC, and he just shakes his head and sighs, 'more fixing'.  "But you are soooo good at it, honey!"  I told him as I gave him a big hug:)  Good thing he loves me.

14 July 2010

Egyptian Princesses

The VBS my girls are going to this week is doing an Egyptian theme.  Anyone who wanted to could dress up.  The people at this church go all out dressing up so I knew my girls would want to dress up too.  So I decided to rise to the occasion - sort of.  I refused to buy anything, determined to use what I had on hand.  Here's what I came up with.

12 July 2010

Budding Photographer

As often as I will let her, Middle Sister gets the camera and prances around the house snapping pictures.  Most of them end up in the 'recycle bin' but I do have a picture file labeled 'Middle Sister's Pictures'.  Actually I used her REAL name but since this is my blog and on my blog I use her blog name...ahem.  Anyway, where was I??  Oh yes, Middle Sister's pictures.  Below are some shots I thought were kinda neat.  Don't know how she managed to blur the background of the top one but I'm likin' it:)

I'm thinking photography classes might be in her future!!

10 July 2010

Pony Rides

If you've never ate at Farmer Brown's you need to get it on your to-do list for the very near future.  It's just outside of Arcanum and they serve the best food.  From the 'Farmer Brown' to the 'Aunt Emma' the sandwiches are delicious.  And their pizza is out-of-this-world yummy.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!!
They offered free pony rides today and since my Mom and Dad had 'Little Sister' and 'Middle Sister' at their house the past couple days, and they were taking them for pony rides, and since I needed to get my girls back sometime, and since 'Big Sister' likes ponies too, we met them there for some fun:) 

A cute little clown was making balloon animals for everyone who rode the ponies.
Doesn't she have the most adorable clown shoes ever??!
AND they got tickets for free ice cream from 'Farmer Brown'

Fountain in the courtyard beside the restaurant. 

This and That

I recently made a couple skirt patterns and some skirts for a friend.  This was the 'tip' she gave me!!  LOVE it:)  She knows me well!
I mentioned when I posted the 'after' pics of my sewing/computer/school/craft room that my ironing board was getting a new cover if I could find someone to make one;)
'Someone' finally got it made!!
Now doesn't that look better??
First new skirt I've made for me this season.  Finished it for the 4th of July.  It's the most comfortable thing I own!
And the back.  May have to make all my skirts out of this fabric - it's that comfortable;)

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08 July 2010

Couch Pillows finally covered

My furniture came with 4 matching pillows.  Ever since the white slipcovers went on I've been wanting to cover the pillows also.  Last week I decided I was tired of them lying on the floor of my sewing room waiting 'their turn'.  So I pulled out my linen scraps and vintage embellishings and voila!  'new' pillows:)

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