27 September 2010


Here are 5 of the 11 skirts I made last week.  Will have to get pictures off the camera of the rest of them:)

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20 September 2010

Shopping Trip

After talking about it all summer I finally made it to Columbus and 'Sew to Speak'!!  Yay!!  This adorable shop has to be my favorite.  I mean really, what seamstress could resist a fabric boutique??  I am so thankful that I was introduced to this shop.  One of these trips I really need to take my camera along and get some pics of the inside of the place.
Shoes didn't come from the fabric shop of course, but I did get them in Columbus and don't they look cute with my stash of new fabric??
grey hemp/organic cotton blend.  awesome stuff.  My little girls will be wearing this made over this darling Oliver and S pattern.
The wheels on the bus go round and round...!
these will be new skirts for me.
more dresses for Middle and Little Sisters.

fun stuff.  The chair fabric found it's way into some new hot pads already.
laminated fabric - my new love!  I plan to have a new purse soon made with both of these.

had been wanting some laminated fabric for my kitchen table for awhile.  So fun to find some that went so well in my kitchen.  It is just he best stuff. 

Clothes Mentor/Plato's closet finds:)
also from clothe mentor.  Not sure what I will use them for but for $2 and $4 I couldn't leave them there.  The scarf is 100% silk and the sarong is hand dyed batik.  Always fun to have a stash to go to when inspiration hits!

15 September 2010


Here are a few projects I've worked on in the past 2 to 3 weeks.

This chair was a garage sale find years ago.  I painted it an aqua green color that matched a vintagey fabric I had.  Then I painted it brown and covered it with a lovely Anna Maria Horner fabric.  Still love the fabric but it had gotten a little dirty (can not imagine how THAT happened) and I'm rather over brown for now.  All things white for this girl!!!  So now we shall see how long this makeover lasts!!

chair was a garage sale find this summer.  A coat of white paint and we think it makes a fun addition to this little nook. 

Another garage sale find!!  It was a maroon color that I really didn't like.  For the past year it has been taking up space in a storage room off the back of the house.  When the pool came down and we needed to store it in there it was time for a good 'house cleaning' of the storage room.  So out this came and it got a coat of white paint too!!  Eventually we hope to put it in Big Sister's room (when her room ever gets finished!) but for now I managed to squeeze it in the living room and it holds the keyboard for now.

This was Travis' dresser when he was a boy.  He somehow knew then that his wife would like the beat up, old look in furniture, and he must have already liked it too, cause he saw some furniture at a store with hammer marks in it and decided to do the same with his!!  His Mom was less than pleased with him at the time:)  I painted it black years ago but since everything else has been getting bathed with white it was time for this piece to find some white too.

Same for this end table that has been in my living room for several years.  Time to go white.

This garage sale find bowl was brown till recently.  It wanted to fit in too!!

This shirt/dress was made for little Vivian Miette.  Can't wait to see a picture of her in it, I hear it fits her now!!

Ok that's it for now!  I've got more stuff to share but my hubby just got home from a business trip and it's is after 11.  Time to shut down the computer:)  Toodle-oo!

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12 September 2010

Continuation of our Kansas Trip - FINALLY!

Ok, I know it's been awhile - Mom likes to remind me of the last date I posted occasionally!!!  Maybe I should get her to guest post for me when life gets so busy I put blogging on the back burner!!  Hmmm.  Whadaya think Mom???

We came through an awesome western storm just a few miles from our destination.  One of the most amazing things about Kansas to me it watching the storms.  They don't move in like they do here in Ohio.  Instead you can watch them build up overhead or watch it storming miles away while it is sunny the other direction.  Amazing demonstration of just a fraction of the power of God.  We could see this storm, and watched it from miles away.  When we reached the road we turn onto off the highway there were storm tracker vehicles sitting there.  Not the most comforting sight, but I have to admit to some feelings of excitement!  We headed on into wind so fierce it felt like the van would leave the road.  Blinding rain.  And hail.  The wind came at us from one direction and then all of a sudden would whip out of the complete opposite direction!  No wonder there were storm trackers in the area!  We made it through and on the other side we found the sun and behind us a beautiful rainbow.  Picture doesn't do it justice so take my word for it - it was beautiful.  God's promise once again.  No matter the storms we come through HE will always be there to bring us through to the other side.  Even if that 'other side' ends up being the end of our life here on earth we are CONQUERORS!!!  We win either way when we are on God's side!!
The sky was awesome.  Oh how I love the Kansas sky.  Oh how I had missed it.  Oh how I miss it now looking at my pictures and thinking of being there.  Oh that it wasn't over 800 miles between here and there.
Street sign.  My brother lives on Smith!!

Loved this blue door.  This little town has the best photo shoot possibilities.  Tonia, I wished more than once that I had stuck you and your camera in my suitcase!!  Course I probably could have found a little better traveling accommodations than that!  I did do a quick photo shoot with Middle Sister and Little Sister one morning.  I will try to post those pictures sometime.  They were quite fun!
Cute little cottage.  Can't you just see the possibilites!  Wouldn't it be fun to give this place a makeover:)
Some of my sisters decor.  I gave her those bottles for Christmas last year.  Now I'm selfishly thinking I should have kept them!!  No really, I'm glad she has them to do such fun stuff:)
The kittens got lots of mothering!!
The Sunday after we arrived was Middle Sister's birthday.  Her Uncle M. remembers how well she enjoyed the bar-b-q'd ribs we had when we were all in Texas a year and a half ago, so he had a restaurant in Oklahoma he wanted to take us all to.  So midmorning on Sunday we heaeded out.  Here are the girls right after arriving at the restaurant.
Middle Sister and her cousin T.  He is 6 months older and they love each other dearly!  They get along famously and Middle Sister loves to play with him.  He is ALL BOY and she loves that.  she really enjoys playing all kinds of stuff that is typically boy stuff:)
The ribs were delicious.  Middle Sister enjoyed them immensely!

Little Sister and Mamma.  This is for those of you who don't think I put pictures of myself on my blog ( it's hard to have pictures of yourself when you are always the one beind the camera!)
After lunch we went farther into Oklahoma and hiked through Alabaster Caverns.  The men and kids went on a small hike outside afterwards.  I had not worn hiking shoes and wasn't too keen on hiking in flip flops.  So my sister and I sat on a bench and enjoyed the breeze while the rest of them hiked.
If you've been reading my blog for very long you probably know how my girls like the Colts!  This was Middle Sister's birthday present from her Aunt D.  She was thrilled.  Cousin T.  thought it pretty neat too.  Think I know what we will be getting him for Christmas:)
More decor. 
I loved this grouping on my sisters kitchen window sill.

Those sweet little kittens didn't make it to adulthood.  We think a tom cat got to them in the night.  We had some very sad little children the next morning when we had to tell them.  Especially Little Sister.  She had so much fun with little Maggie.  They were lovingly placed in a box and a short sweet funeral was perfomed.  The daddies dug a hole while everyone looked on.  Then the box was gently placed in the hole and the childern filled it.  They then made a grave marker and placed it on the grave.  Oh how hard sometimes to see our children learn the lessons of life. 

A couple more favorite pictures of the little town of Sawyer.