30 May 2011


For Memorial Day I want you to go to this blog and read this post. http://decortoadore.blogspot.com/2011/05/remembering-with-red-poppies.html
The poems she quotes are just beautiful.  So are the red poppies.  This picture was taken from her blog post.  Poppies are lovely and I know I will never look at one again without thinking of Laura's post and the poems she posted with it.
Today we will watch the parade that goes past our house every year and we will remember those who gave their sweat, tears, and blood to give us the freedom we have today.  And above all we will praise our Lord and Maker, Jesus Christ, His Father, and the Holy Spirit who has blessed us with the opportunity to live in a country that, for now, is still free.  What will we do with that opportunity???

Dress for a Wedding!

 Those sleeves had interesting pattern pieces:)
 Sleeve detail
Sew a fine seam.  To GOD be the glory!

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28 May 2011

Fun Finds

 Garage sale finds - bag and place mats
 Vintage Ribbons - the wide one is velvet:)
 Old Maps - I love old maps.  I have got to find time to do something really creative and fun with all of them I have stacking up.
 Wood top of the industrial metal cart I found at a garage sale - just across the street no less!  Top has already been painted in this pic, I forgot to take a before shot before I started painting. 
 Here's the bottom part before I started painting it.  This cart now resides in my living room, taking it's place as my new coffee table.  I am delighted with it! 
 And THIS is what we went to Kentucky to pick up last Saturday!  I had been at a friends house on Thursday and she was talking about the sink she needs for her laundry room.  When I got home that day I hopped on Cr*ig's list to see if I could find something that would work for her.  And I found this.  It works for me!  It's too long for her laundry but came in just under the max length we can get in ours.  Hubby liked it to, the price was superb ($100) and it was just over an hour and  half drive.  We snapped it up!
 I'm hoping we can get the old faucet re-chromed.  It's pretty cool too.
Another plus - we went RIGHT BY Ikea!!!!!  So of course on the way home we stopped there.  I was wanting to get an organization system to put in Middle and Little Sister's room.  We got that plus a few other things too:)  I also got to go to a Super T*rget and Trader Joes!  Not a bad day at all.  And we were home before 2pm and got some work done here too.  Great Day.  Thank you Jesus!!

British Clothes Airer

Awhile back Kara from McMaster and Storm posted about these British clothes airers.  I was smitten at the first glance.  And determined to have one!

 A couple months ago I finally ordered mine - directly from across the pond.
 And a few weeks after it arrived it got hung in the (still unfinished) laundry room.
It hangs on the ceiling from a double pulley system.  Very heavy duty (I bought the cast iron pulleys) and so cute!
 Cotton covered, nylon rope hooks to the side wall.
 Lower position for loading it with all those clothes I don't want to go through the dryer.
 Then hoist it back to the ceiling for drying!  Use that warm air that gathers at the top of the room.

And since we were in the laundry room here's a shot of a super cute 'saftey pin'.  Found in the Ballard Design catalog.  Actually it was found by Kara.  She knew I would love the set too and called me.  I told her to order 2 sets.  She listened.  Thank you Kara!
There are 2 more each made different.  I'll have to blog about the others sometime too.  Right now I'm too lazy.

27 May 2011

Easter Dresses - part 2

A couple of you wanted to see pics of the girls in their dresses.  Last Sunday was finally warm enough for them to wear them again AND sunny enough to go outside for some pics.  We did them pretty quickly as the girls were not really fond of the wet grass sticking to their sandals and feet but this will give you an idea of what the outfits look like 'on'!

There you go!  My camera just doesn't take as good of pictures as it did before 'someone' threw it.  It missed the couch and hit the floor.  Not good on a camera.  Oh well, new camera coming up - someday!

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26 May 2011

Jesus is Coming Soon!

No man knoweth the day nor the hour. Matthew 24:36
I don't have to know the day or hour!  I just know that He is coming.  Hallelujah!  Last night as my family and I gazed in awe at the hail filling the street, some of it bigger than a quarter, I could hardly contain the excitement inside!  You see - this old earth is in its death throes.  It is trembling, groaning and travailing.  It is gasping for breath.  It cannot and it will not last much longer.  Jesus return is imminent.  No, I do not know the day or hour, no man does.  Only the Father knows!  But one day soon our Father will have had enough.  He will rise from His throne (I hear it creaking now!), look at His Son and say, "It is time! Go get your bride!"
And we will hear a shout - like nothing we have ever heard before.  The sweetest music for our battered, weary souls!  The sound of a trumpet. The sight of the dead raised first and then the glorious feeling of being swept up with Him to Glory - FOREVER!
Oh come quickly Lord Jesus!  I long to see that city, the mansions prepared, that street of gold, the sea like glass, the tree of life...  But most of all I just want to be with you, Lord Jesus.  My Lord, my Savior, to fall at your feet, to kiss your nail scarred hands, the hands that have my name engraved on them!  To be wrapped in the arms of your Father and mine and to say 'Thank you' to our dear Papa for sending HIS one and only son, (my Big Brother) to save me!  To rejoice with the Holy Spirit in finally being united with the whole trinity.  To sing songs of praise to you forevermore.  To rest, just rest with you forevermore.   -Amen.

25 May 2011

Big Sister's New Room - Finally!

I searched for some really really 'before' pics but I soon gave up.  There's just too many and I didn't feel like taking the time.  So just imagine yucky old plaster walls and bright forest green carpet.  And a nasty wall trying to make a walk through closet before you got into the room.  Not pretty.  At all. 

The drywall stage - obviously!  We have THE BEST drywall finisher. If you ever need one let me know, I'll get you his number.  Seriously, he stopped in 3 different evenings on his way home from his 'real' drywall finishing jobs and knocked this out.  Travis then spent a couple evenings sanding and viola!  Ready for paint:)

First strip of hardwood.  YAY!
Fun chandi from IKEA.  I so wish they still carried this one.  It was less than $20 and it is made with real glass instead of plastic.  You can also see the 3 colors we used here.  Pink, blue, and light purple.  I call it light purple cause it really isn't lavender.  It's darker than that but not as dark as you think of when someone says 'purple'.  Big Sister loves it!
Barn light.  I bought this at Keim Lumber 3 years ago.  I love it. Big Sister does not love it.  Too bad.  She has to put up with it.  Especially since we spent an entire afternoon and evening getting a 3-way switch wired to it properly.
Ka-chunka!  Loved hearing that sound.  Although if I was in the room I plugged my ears.  It's noisy.  But when it was making noise that meant more flooring was going down.
Sawing off the door jams to get the last of the flooring put down.
Laying down on the job!  It WAS hard work:)
Remodeling takes lots of tools.  Thanks so much to my Mom and Dad for all the great Christmas gifts over the more than a decade of Christmases since we've been married!

Like I said, lots of tools!
Chandi is very pretty at night.
Finished!  Finally.  We were all very thankful.

Curtains at the closet.  Bought at Ikea.  I didn't remember to take pictures of the inside of her closet after she moved in.  Probably because it immediately became a mess.  She's 12.  Enough said.
On the right side inside the closet she has her desk.  To the left is a rod for her clothes. It's working well for now anyway.
Curtains for the windows from Ikea.  I bought these 3 years ago too.  Have you picked up on the idea yet that we really didn't plan for it to take this long to get this room finished??  We had such good intentions.  But hey, we are raising a family too.  And there were some other projects that came up.  Like my school/sewing/computer/craft room redo.  Sometimes opportunities arise that put present project on the back burner so others can get done instead. 
Which reminds me!  I can't wait to show you what we ran down to Kentucky to pick up last Saturday!!!
Ok back to Big Sis's room.  That's Little Sister right where she parked herself as soon as the chair was moved in.  She has a slight problem remembering this in Big Sister's room and she needs to stay out most of the time.  She's 5.  She's the baby.  She's a mess.  But an adorable mess so we put up with her:)
Moving in.  Oh how sweet those words.
Add some accessories...
Can you tell she is excited?
Lamp from Ikea, night stand from Ikea, green blanket at foot of bed from Ikea.  Chinese Lanterns from McMaster and Storm (I miss their brick and mortar)  'E' pillow from Justice, pink chair from Justice.  Wavy Mirrors from Ikea. (Didn't we have a fun day there Mom?)  Iron bed from a garage sale.  Dresser is an old one that was my hubby's when he was a boy.  It's been painted a couple times since it has resided with me around:)
Rug from Goodwill.  They were NIP (new-in-package) at Christmastime.  I think they originally sold at T*rget.
Zebra print rabbit skin is one I picked up at Ikea a year or so ago.  Big Sister immediately claimed it. I had originally bought it for her then decided I wanted to use it myself.  But she managed to finagle it anyway.
Big Sister added her American Girl horses.  And a bunch of other American Girls stuff that I don't show here.  It wasn't my idea of decor.  But she did have fun playing with it!  It has now been put away in the closet because we are trying to plan a sleep over for a very belated birthday party.  We had to finish the room before I was willing to take on a dozen girls overnight.
And the finishing touch.  I finally got these trees and birds on the walls this week.  We all really like the effect.  No they were not exactly quick and easy to put up but with some patience (which I'm short on) and precision it isn't exactly hard either.  I'm very impressed with the quality of the decals.  I ordered them on Etsy.
And that's it for now!  I want to repaint and refloor the room that Middle Sister and Little Sister share now that Big Sister has moved to her new room.  For now we are enjoying the extra space to spread out and breathe!  The old room got a good cleaning, rearanged, and a new organization shelf/tub system.  Middle Sister and Little Sister love it.  So do I.  New curtains and paint and floor can wait.  Besides we still haven't finished the landing/stairway area yet.