26 February 2011

Remember the days??

We took Big Sister to a 'Mercy Me' concert a couple weeks ago.  One of the other groups there was the 'Anthem Lights'.  I guarantee you they will be the next big thing in Christian music!!  They are young, they are cute, and they can sing.  The line to their table afterwards was crazy.  That is where we found Big Sister, after the concert.  She was with her friends, determined to get their signatures.  Since her mean parents wouldn't buy her the cd, she didn't have a poster to have them sign like some of the others did.  So she had them sign her arm. 
Remember those days?  I remember acting just as giddy over similar stuff as a young (almost) teenager.  HERE WE GO!!  IT'S GONNA BE A WILD RIDE!!

In other news - head over to Life with a Family and sign up for her giveaway.  At least read the statistics she has in the post.  It is enlightening and sobering.  You need to read it.

21 February 2011

When in need of a birthday gift...

...and the weather is not conducive to a shopping expedition...

...dig through your stash of fabric and accessories and make something!

I thought the selvage of this laminated fabric was cute so I didn't cut it off.
Yellow button to match the yellow purse handles.
Inside lined with regular fabric - more dots!!
side view
And another shot just for fun!
And I have some more in the works, just have to get some more purse handles and accessories ordered.  Would you like to see these show up on ETSY????

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15 February 2011

{Happy Birthday}

12 years ago today at 2:46 in the morning the most beautiful little girl I'd ever seen was born!  She had big bright blue eyes, lots of dark hair, weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces, and was the softest, sweetest, most delightful little thing her mommy and daddy had ever dreamed of.  We named her Emma Kate.

 She has been photogenic from day one:)
 Her exhausted Daddy promptly fell asleep in the rocker the minute we were all settled in our private room.  Her exhausted Mommy suddenly didn't remember she was exhausted and called up 'Grandma' to see if she wanted to come see her birthday present!!  Thank you, Lord, for letting me have her 8 days early on her Grandma's birthday!  (Mom I couldn't find any pictures of you and Emma when she was tiny.  What's up with that??)


 Grandma-Great Emma Catherine and Baby Emma Kate.  I think Grandma was rather pleased that we used her name.
 Now tell me she wasn't the cutes thing.  Can't do it can you? 
Christmas '10.  Can't believe she's 12 now.  Amazing how fast time passes.  She is still cute, still fun, still my little girl, just growing up rapidly.  She likes music, pretending, reading, being with her friends, and bugging her sisters!  She is a big help around the house, has cool decor ideas, and makes me work hard on patience:)  She is witty, thoughtful, friendly, and a tad obnoxious.  A wonderful, God-given, precious daughter.
We love you Big Sister!!!

sorry for the poor quality of the pictures.  The baby pics had to be scanned - it was before the days of digital.  And the last one was on my crippled camera. Big Sis and Little Sis were 'fussing' over the camera one day.  Little Sis THREW it so Big Sis couldn't take it from her.  It was supposed to land on the couch.  It hit the floor.  Not good for it.  It hasn't recovered.  therefore I don't get great pics.  Moral of the story - don't let your kids play with your camera.  Maybe I'll let Big Sister buy me a new one for her birthday!!!!!

14 February 2011

{Happy Valentine's Day!!}

09 February 2011

'Sewing Supplies'

While in Holmes County between Christmas and New Year's I found some really fun stuff at a fabric store I love to shop in.
 Large buttons and very cute, fun purse handles.
 Laminated fabric.  This stuff is the absolute best stuff to have around.  I will show you a purse I just made as a gift very soon.  I promise!!
 scissors prints.  Don't know for sure what I will do with this stuff but I couldn't leave it there.  Scissors are a favorite remember!
More fun prints. 

 This one will be really fun to use.  Purses, pillows, wall hanging??  Oh the possibilities!
And three pieces I bought to make skirts for me.  Do you see a common denominator here?? Guess what my favorite apparel color is!!

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04 February 2011

A Bright spot of Spring!!

A wonderful friend stopped by today and surprised me with these!  How fun and uplifting to have a little spring to look at while it is still very much winter outside.  Thank you Janice:)

01 February 2011

What I really want to be seeing...

I just can't bear to take pictures of what I'm seeing out my windows.  Some may thing that layers of ice is beautiful but I see deadly.  Still, I'm trusting God to take care of us.  I've begged Him to allow us to keep our electric throughout the coming of more ice.  And I know that even if He allows us to lose power He will be there and will provide for us.  And so.  Instead of showing you pictures of the ice outside I dug up some pictures that show the kind of scenes I really want to be looking at.  Patience, Jill, spring always comes! 
'As long as the earth endures,
seed time and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night
will never cease.'
Genesis 8:22

 Towels on my sisters clothes line last summer.  I just love all the pretty colors against her lovely white fence.  And the grass.  I think we have some of that around here but it's been covered up for so long I'm not even sure anymore.
 Flowers.  Summer.  Ahhhh.
 Swimming!!  OUTSIDE.  Summer you can't get here soon enough for me.  Wish you could stay all year long.
 Oh that yellow bucket.  Isn't it a fun well-used vintage thing?  Alas my niece likes it to play with and looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her if I could take it home with me!!!
My obnoxiously out-of-control flowers from last summer.  Oh but I love how they take over like they own the place:)  Counting the weeks till I can plant again!!