05 December 2009

Playing catchup #2 (tea party)

Little Sister got a tiny tea set for her Birthday from Grandpa Phil and Grandma Becky.  Big Sister dug her tiny tea set out and decide it would be a good idea to take both sets along and have a 'tea' party at Grandma's on Thanskgiving Day.  Little Sister's set was in a basket, packed so as not to break.  Big Sister's set was residing in the china cupboard.  So Big Sister proceeded to do a wonderful job of wrapping her set carefully in newspaper and putting it all in a box.  She made sure it all got to Grandma's safely!  In the evening I made a batch of hot chocolate to use in place of tea.  Tiny pieces of pumpkin pie took the place of English scones.  They had a 'tea' party, made a mess, and had a ton of fun:)

The tiny marshmallows that were with the hot chocolate were a great stand in for sugar cubes!

The proper way to hold your tea cup??!

And their apple butter bread had to be spread with the tiny knives that came with the tea set!!!!


Blogger Mrs. K said...

So cute. My boys like to have tea parties as well. They have a Longaberger children's tea set that is solid colors and not super dainty. No one ever told them (yet!) tea parties were for girls so they are none the wiser. I always go to the bakery here in town and buy beautiful cookies or cupcakes and the boys just think they are hot stuff. They take turns being the host and pouring the tea, asking "one lump or two?". It's a great way to practice manners that don't always get practiced at regular meal time.

December 6, 2009 at 7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss R. would have loved being there! Mrs. K, how fun that your boys like teaparties!

December 6, 2009 at 9:34 AM  

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