26 February 2011

Remember the days??

We took Big Sister to a 'Mercy Me' concert a couple weeks ago.  One of the other groups there was the 'Anthem Lights'.  I guarantee you they will be the next big thing in Christian music!!  They are young, they are cute, and they can sing.  The line to their table afterwards was crazy.  That is where we found Big Sister, after the concert.  She was with her friends, determined to get their signatures.  Since her mean parents wouldn't buy her the cd, she didn't have a poster to have them sign like some of the others did.  So she had them sign her arm. 
Remember those days?  I remember acting just as giddy over similar stuff as a young (almost) teenager.  HERE WE GO!!  IT'S GONNA BE A WILD RIDE!!

In other news - head over to Life with a Family and sign up for her giveaway.  At least read the statistics she has in the post.  It is enlightening and sobering.  You need to read it.


Blogger Mrs. K said...

At least it was her arm, I remember getting quite a few articles of clothing signed and then never wanting my mom to wash them. Insert eye rolling.

February 27, 2011 at 10:37 PM  

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