30 September 2011

Canned Goods, Fudge, and Candles

'Market goods' from Judy and 'Josephine Candle Company' by Amber
Very adorable booth, loved their set-up!  We got some peanut butter fudge - it lasted about 6 seconds after the package was opened!  I also have a jar of nacho cheese sauce that I am hording.  Good think Judy lives close to me cause I'm thinking we may need some more goodies.  I noticed homemade vanilla in the pics.  I sure didn't see it the couple of minutes I spent shopping at the insistence of Big Sister!  Wonder if it was gone or if I just missed it?!  Gonna have to give Judy a call:)

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Blogger deborah said...

Love the setup. darling!

September 30, 2011 at 6:36 PM  

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