29 July 2011

Dressed for a Wedding

This dress turned out SO cute.  This bridesmaid was about 8 months pregnant and wanted her dress to look like the others but accommodate her pregnant belly.
I shortened the bodice, left out the darts since shortening it took it almost to the top of the darts anyway.  Then I used a maternity skirt pattern.
This one was the one I made with the regular pattern.
It is next to impossible to get good pictures that really show how neat dresses are when I have to just hang them in my house.
Love this shot!

Seeing them on the girls is SO much better.  And still, my pictures do NOT do them justice.  These girls were all so adorable and looked just lovely in these dresses.  My camera just doesn't quite cut it since it's little trip to the floor when my girls were fussing over it.  Gotta get a new one.

Checking the sashes, the drape, the way the sunlight hit them, making sure all was as the Bride wanted for her big day!
I made the 2 on the left, the others were made by the girls moms.  I had a phone chat with one of the Mom's during the sewing process.  She is German.  I loved her accent. AND her sewing knowledge.  I could tell from the short time I talked with her that she knows WAY more than I do!  I felt a little funny that she was calling me with a question:)  I would love to spend an afternoon with her learning sewing tips and tricks.
Both of the other dresses were wonderful.  It was so neat to see them all look the same even with 3 different seamstresses.  And I loved the pattern and color.  You can't go wrong with vintage inspired patterns and dark navy.  Always classic and timeless.

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Blogger Kara Hartz said...

So pretty. You make this look easy. I'm so bad with garments, although I keep thinking that I should make a simple dress for each of my girls and have them help - just to keep the sewing lessons going. Probably should jump on that while there is still some summertime left to wear them!

July 31, 2011 at 10:39 PM  

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