09 February 2009

Not Me! Monday.

It is NOT Monday again. Can't be. 'Cause I'm not still working on last weeks to-do pile.
And that is NOT because I keep stopping my to-do pile to work on 'fun' stuff!
One day this week my hubby did NOT decide to make rice crispy squares using a pan on the stove. {I use the microwave} He did not proceed to set one of my Tupperware bowls on the hot burner after he took the pan off and not realize he had done that till I smelled something burning. It did NOT melt completely through the bottom, completely coating the burner with plastic. I did NOT throw the smoking, smelly thing outside, and I certainly did not throw it away after it was cooled. This did not take me down to 1 burner on my stove that works properly.
I did not totally skip the reading program I had started with middle sister ALL week. It wasn't because I was too busy with my own stuff. And I definitely have not let it go today either. {there is still time today!}
Big Sister did not look totally adorable in her Annie Oakley getup on the day they read their reports. She did not do a wonderful job either!! {pics soon}
I did not sleep most of the day on Sunday (again). I guess sometimes I just have to catch up. (or am I getting old??!!??)
I did not send Big Sister to bed without supper one night after she had been showing a horrible attitude and yelling at me and her Dad. She did not send middle Sister down to get her food. Middle Sister did not tell me about it instead of taking the food to Big Sister. I then did not proceed to relent and let her her have something to eat after she very meekly came to me and said she was sorry for the way she acted. I'm NOT a pushover!
Now you need to head on over to MckMama's blog and read her Not ME! post and check out all the other links. Great fun!



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