24 March 2012

Good-bye Blogger...

I'm having a hard time posting here on my blogger blog.  I'm so happy with my NEW blog that I just want to work over there.  But since this one is the one most of you will come to if you have it bookmarked I will stay here till the switch takes place.  When I started this blog journey early this year I had big lofty plans of designing a cool blog and then doing the switch myself.  Really, how hard could it be?? 
 HARD.  Extremely hard. 
I found that out quickly.  I was in tears more than once over it. 
And I thought I wanted to learn computer language?  GAH!!
Blogger is SO easy to set up.  Really.  The coding is all done for you behind the scenes.  And they do have a ton of options now.  And it's free.  BUT.  You get what you pay for.  Or don't pay for. 

Blogging with Amy.  She's got the best blog for helping you with setting up a Wordpress blog.  And a ton of other tips.  Check her out.

Anyway.  The switch.  From Blogger to Wordpress.  I want the content from this blog to move to that blog, and all links to Sew a Fine Seam to be redirected to that blog.  I could attempt it myself. 
But I'm not.
There are too many things that can go wrong with a switch from blogger.
So I'm gonna let a professional do it.
Hopefully soon!
I'll keep you posted.
Good-bye blogger. 

22 March 2012

Blog Reveal

OK so my 'Retail Therapy' Post below is all wonky :(  I tried and tried and tried to get it to look like it was supposed to.  Blogger would NOT cooperate.  I am tired of blogger.   I have been working on a new blog.  I still have some things I want to add or change but I like the way it looks.  AND.  I DID IT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you tell I'm excited about that fact? ? ?
I have spent many hours, frustration, and tears figuring it out.  But with the help of some search engines, and by finally buying a theme, and by reading and following a lot of instructions from Amy from 'Blogging with Amy', and with a lot of encouragement and a little advice from my husband, and some input from a friend's husband, and by texting my sister, I did it.  I will be adding to it, fleshing out some more of the pages, etc. but I am very pleased with what I have going on right now.  Would you like to see it?  You can!! www.sewafineseam.com  SO SO SO happy to drop that .blogspot.  Not going to miss that one bit.

If you take a peek at it would you let me know what you think?  Pretty Please??
And the post on Pinterest is still coming - will be next week sometime.

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Retail Therapy

19 March 2012

Baby Shower

Here are a few photos from the baby shower I helped with recently.  I really didn't do much to help, just went over the day of the shower and helped set up for it.  I took a few pics that evening but with my camera issues I just couldn't get very many good ones.
Buffet table.  The food was so pretty and so yummy.

Love the grass.  I really want to plant some wheat grass myself.
Maybe I can talk my brother-in-law into letting me have some to take home with me!!

Vignette in my friends kitchen.  So cute, I love it.

Globe on the center of the table.  The paper chain is made from old maps.
I really like the map theme for a boy baby shower.
This baby's parents moved here from Africa!  He is the most adorable little thing I've ever seen!
It was fun to be at a baby shower again.  I have been very bad about attending them the past several years.  It was just so hard to make myself get out in the evening, especially if I had to take my 3 kiddos with me, without Daddy.  The girls are old enough now it's not really a big deal.  And a 'girl's night out' is very fun now and then :)

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18 March 2012

Baby Blankets

I recently made a couple baby blankets for baby shower gifts.
I found the idea for this blanket here.
I absolutely LOVE the look, weight, and feel of blankets made this way.

This one was for a baby boy - his parents are from Africa!

I added this bib to the gift.  This was the last one I had left from the event last September. 

The biggest trick to making this blanket is this cool little tool that I have for my machine.  It's a quiltering tool.  I had never used it and really didn't even know I had it.  When I read the post I got the idea from, the author mentioned that she had a seam gauge that hooked to her machine that made it easy.  I got to thinking that my machine SURELY had something like that!
So I dug out my manual and got to looking and sure enough - I did.  Awesome.

It slides on through a small hole made for it and you adjust it however far from the needle you want your stitching to be.  After the first line of stitching is made you use the guide to place your next line of stitching. 

There are four layers to this blanket.  The top 3 layers get cut between the stitching. 
You wash and dry it after you do the stitching and cutting.
You can find the well written tutorial for this here.  This is the one I followed and it was very easy to do.

Close-up of the edges.  I think binding the edges would be neat too but I was too lazy to make binding to match the blanket.

I have an idea for using this technique for something else.
I will show you when I get to it - it's gonna be a rather big project!

So what do YOU think?  Like it?  Love it?  Hate it?  Are you a 'raw-edge' person or do you like things all neatly stitched, serged, and finished?? ( I am really into raw edges right now!!)

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