28 May 2011

British Clothes Airer

Awhile back Kara from McMaster and Storm posted about these British clothes airers.  I was smitten at the first glance.  And determined to have one!

 A couple months ago I finally ordered mine - directly from across the pond.
 And a few weeks after it arrived it got hung in the (still unfinished) laundry room.
It hangs on the ceiling from a double pulley system.  Very heavy duty (I bought the cast iron pulleys) and so cute!
 Cotton covered, nylon rope hooks to the side wall.
 Lower position for loading it with all those clothes I don't want to go through the dryer.
 Then hoist it back to the ceiling for drying!  Use that warm air that gathers at the top of the room.

And since we were in the laundry room here's a shot of a super cute 'saftey pin'.  Found in the Ballard Design catalog.  Actually it was found by Kara.  She knew I would love the set too and called me.  I told her to order 2 sets.  She listened.  Thank you Kara!
There are 2 more each made different.  I'll have to blog about the others sometime too.  Right now I'm too lazy.


Blogger SusanT said...

As an ex Brit I can tell you that these are wonderful. My family home in England has one over the fireplace (yes that is the usual place) so as take advance of the raising heat. Now you've got me thinking about one for myself.

May 28, 2011 at 5:30 AM  

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