07 July 2011

Fun Etsy Package

The set of vintage, brass stencils I acquired from a friend, who bought them at a school auction we both attended, was missing a few letters.  So I browsed Etsy to see if I could find the ones I needed to complete my set.  I found all but one in the same shop:)  I needed the D,N,E, and A.  This seller Panache Papergoods  had them all but the A.  She also had the number 7 I needed but I forgot to take a picture if it.
She had 3 e's so I got them all!  Big Sister was delighted to have one of her own.
The packaging was just delightful!  I love great packaging!  AND she included this J for free, along with some neat ephemera papers, and 2 playing cards that are number 7!!
Love this stuff.  I've already used the shaped ledger paper on a card for a gift.  And the number 7 cards are displayed on my 'craft cupboard'.  Gotta love those sellers who go the extra mile to make you feel great about your purchase!

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