21 June 2011

School sales - Two Weekends in a Row!!!!!!!

A week ago my husband went with me to a school sale.  This past weekend was another school sale, this time the elementary. (Last weekend was the High School)
This time I went with a friend.  She made me bid for her too!  I had a total blast!  I do believe I'm becoming addicted to auctions.  Which is not good because my husband said that was enough auctions for awhile.  AND he went on to say that included garage sales.  Spoil Sport.  I was having so much fun:)  Oh well, I guess there is a limit to how much cool old junk one can haul home before hubby says 'enough'.  Especially when said hubby is dubious about the 'cool' part of the 'cool old junk'.

 Part of Saturday's haul.  How could I pass up old yard/meter sticks?  And old metal trash cans?  Vintage stool?  Old Map?  Be still my heart!!

 I have a thing for old carts.  Especially if they are metal.  And when they are painted a neat color it just adds to the sweetness.
 Seriously would you have left that stool there?  There were 3, I claimed 'em all.  Three times the money:)  Yes sir, it's fun to get the bid and have your pick or 'take 'em all!  Gina took the yellow one, Trisha nabbed the reddish one and I got my blue one.  Sorry to my hubby that mine ended up being the one missing a wheel and the rubber bumper from around the bottom.  Good thing my hubby is so good at researching and fixing things up.  It'll roll like new in no time.
 Since the Village of Covington now recycles, these oldest trash cans will find their new home on my kitchen porch to hold the 'glass' and 'plastics' that have been making an unsightly pile as they wait for 'trash day'.  Need a little paint at least on the inside first and I might actually give them some fun colors.  Or they might get bathed in white like everything else around here:)  The newer, grey trash cans will find their new home in my sewing room, girls bedroom, laundry room, kitchen....
 You can't see the lines on this paper but it is a large pad of wide lined kindergarten paper.  A friend got a huge pile of these for $1.  ALL of them for $1.  Those are the really fun bids to win:)
 My $12.50 microscope!  YIPPEEEE!!!  I'll take 'em all.  All 5!  I had 3 other friends wanting them so I only had one left over and it was taken before they were even on my pile of goodies.  I could have had my own little auction and made some money on these babies.  But I didn't.  I just collected $12.50 from the four lucky ones and smugly carried mine home with me.
 I like maps.  This was my last purchase of the day.
 Circa 1965.  Isn't it beautiful?  I'm still deciding if I'm gonna keep it or give it to my nephew.
Not as old as the map but still kind of cool.  And I got this cheap cause no one else wanted it.  The map I had to fight for.  Well, not really, but it didn't go cheap.  Not outrageous but not cheap cheap.

I have some fun garage sale finds to show you too.  You might start to understand my husband saying 'enough'!!!!!  But man it was fun while it lasted!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much fun stuff! Gina passed on a trash can to me and I'm thrilled. I love the blue stool and the map. I'd keep it! (sorry Jill's nephew..)

June 22, 2011 at 7:25 AM  

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