08 June 2011


 Take the label off your can of paint before you use it and let the paint run down the side as it will.  When you are finished painting and the can is empty, let it dry and you have a free decor object.  Don't need to paint anything?  You can buy unused paint cans at Lowes, dip the top in some leftover paint you have around, upend the can and let it run.  Preferable set the can on a drop cloth or rag instead of your dining room table while it is dripping and drying!  Just a thought.
 Lily of the Valley.  I so need to plant some real ones some year.
 Self Portrait drawn by Little Sister!

 Old window found at a garage sale.  Old button display from an old store.  Flowers from a friend:)
Adorable bird found in a box of 25 cent items at a garage sale.  Big Sister tried to steal him from me last night.  I'll know where to look for him if he goes missing!


Blogger Kay Ann Wilson said...

i see you put my little flower pot to use. :) cute. i never did anything with it, so it's good that someone is!

June 8, 2011 at 4:40 PM  

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