12 July 2011


I first saw him here.  They called him their 'resident hottie'.  I was smitten!

They still had him when I arrived here.
BUT!!!  He didn't stay there, he hopped in my basket of goodies and came home with me!!
I really think he fits in well with our new (old) piano.  (Post on the piano and how we found it coming sometime soon!)
Isn't his tie wonderful?!  A. from Damask Design said she learned how to tie one just for him!  Click the link above to go to her post that included their 'hottie'!  And browse her blog, there is some serious eye candy going on over there!
One of Damask Designs shop girls wasn't real impressed with David.  She said he bothered her!  Not everyone likes the same things!  She said he looked like he was in pain.  I prefer to think of it as concern.  For his sheep, for his soldiers, his people...
T. says he looks more Roman than Jewish.  And speaking of my hubby ~ my friends wondered if he would be jealous! 
When I got home with my goodies, I told T. that I had a new man in my life.  His eyebrows went up and he looked at me with a look that said I was off my rocker.  When I pulled out 'David' Travis laughed.  And he agrees, he fits in well around here!!

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Blogger McMaster and Storm said...

too funny! yep, perfect for miss piano!

July 12, 2011 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger alee said...

I still do adore him :)..
So glad he has found a place of honor on your piano! & your right he does look more Roman then Jewish!

July 12, 2011 at 2:43 PM  

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