02 June 2011

Art lessons coming up...

 This is the first picture Middle Sister drew by copying a picture she was looking at.  Since then she's done some even more amazing drawings.  The best one her daddy took to work and I don't have a photo of it.  I had contacted a turoring agency a couple years ago as I've had my suspicions that we might have an artist on our hands.  They said at that point to make all kinds of drawing instruments available to her and let her go at it.  Now I think it may be time for something more.  I think with a little instruction she could soon be drawing from looking at a 3-D image.  She's amazing.
And so begins our foray into 'the arts'!  Big Sister is wanting to learn languages.  She already takes piano and I want to start Middle Sister with piano too.  What Middle Sister really wants (or thinks she wants) to do is learn karate.  I haven't given into that one yet.  Little Sister thinks ballet sounds fun.  I could get into that a lot quicker than karate!!!!  Life will not be slowing down around here anytime in the near future. 


Blogger Debi said...

Brenna actually took karate for awhile & it was great for her!

June 5, 2011 at 1:12 PM  

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