04 June 2011

New Skirts

 Fun droopy circles.  I made this for a date night with my hubby:)

 This awesome fabric came from here.  Unfortunately I think it's all sold out:(  I'm hoping they get more in.  And maybe some more colors??!!  This is my favorite skirt right now.  SO comfy and fun!

 This one has been around awhile but it's a favorite too.  I may have to soon make a new one, this one gets washed twice a week sometimes - it's wearing out!

 Simple, comfortable knit for these wonderfully hot days we are finally having!!
 More knit
 cotton twill
fun fabric from IKEA * Vintage hem binding

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Blogger Beth said...

Hi Jill - always fun to see your handiwork. I've been wanting to start sewing more for Sarah and just thought I'd ask you if you have any online sources for quality knit to make everyday dresses. I love Hanna's and LE dresses for her, but since she's my only girl....and my Mom loves to sew, so I'm thinking that now that my baby is getting a bit older, I might be able to tackle learning how to better follow "boughten" patterns. Since we are on that subject, which pattern company do you think has the best pictures? all the verbalese does nothing but confuse me. I know how to basically sew, just show me what I'm supposed to do...type thing =)

Just started a baby blog..(not about babies, it's just brand new) and I noticed that you use blogger too...how do I get the picture at the top to be smaller?
Thanks in advance for all your advice =) Wish i could spend an afternoon in your lovely home watching you sew and chatting =)

June 5, 2011 at 1:39 AM  

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