07 October 2008

This is the calendar I've been using this year and it has been the best thing ever. It has plenty of room on each day for whatever appointments or errands you need to record, and I've even used it as a sort of diary at times. I've jotted down funny sayings the girls say or what we did over the weekend after it's over. It has seen some wear but is still beautiful. I was so busy a couple months earlier this year that this lay on the table 24/7 because I had to consult it several times a day just to keep everything that was happening straight! And it looked great laying there. I bought this one from Abby at The Blissful last fall. I'm sure she will carry them again for anyone getting to her area!
This is my NEW calendar for 2009. I just picked it up from McMaster and Storm today and I can tell already I'm going to enjoy using this one just as much. I tried to get some photos of the inside but it was hard to get it to show the lines. It looks a lot like old ledger paper and the finish is almost shiny smooth, very appealing to look at and write on.

One of the pictures inside. There is are color photos like this at the beginning of each season that go with the season. Beautiful.
As I said, plenty of room to write things. I've even made lists here of things I need to take with me, and lists of errands to run. I would highly recommend you all rush over to McMaster and Storm and get yourself one or order them online! They are very reasonably priced so you may want to grab some for gifts too.


Blogger paige said...

thanks jill!!
this helps alot
looks like a lovely calender
thank you again for taking the time to contact me

October 7, 2008 at 9:22 PM  

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