17 September 2008

Ike was definitely here!

This is how our house looked last night and not because I was in a romantic mood! Ike sent some mighty winds our way Sunday and we have been out of power ever since. They say it will go through the weekend till everyone has power back. And this is only Wednesday! Needless to say I am getting a little tired of it! BUT, I DON"T have 10 or 20 inches of water in my house, I DO have water since I live in town, there is NOT a tree on my roof, my roof is NOT damaged, my family is all accounted for and well, I DO have a generator that is keeping my freezers frozen and my fridge cold, and last night we plugged in my computer! I was in serious withdrawal over being so disconnected!! So this morning I'm catching up a little online and feeling much better!

This is a picture of Little Sister eating a snack at 8:30 Monday night. It was completely dark in the kitchen (flash doesn't show that it was dark and it wouldn't take w/out the flash!) She keeps asking me "Why is the 'lectic' off?" Good question! I hear DP&L sent a bunch of trucks to Texas so now they don't have the means to help out their own! Go Figure!
Just a couple shots I took last night of my newly arranged craft center. I can't do a lot w/out power so this is one thing I did do! Of course, everything that HAS to be done takes much more effort than it used to! I had to empty the dishwasher last night and wash it all by hand, we were OUT of clean plates, cups, etc. Big Sister dried it all which was a huge help and it really didn't take us that long. We are thankful to have running water and very grateful that it isn't really cold or hot out.


Blogger Mrs. K said...

Hi Jill, found you from Rachel's blog. It's Jenni from swimming lessons (remember the suit girl :o) Enjoyed reading your first page. You sure have an eye for design!

September 20, 2008 at 5:09 PM  

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