24 September 2008

Beautiful Fall Decor

A little wreath I picked up yesterday at my very favorite shoppe in the entire world. Such beauty! Sara made this from things sold in the store and I just HAD to have it! So I convinced the shopkeeper to sell it to me even though it really wasn't for sale! I think they may make up kits of stuff so you can make this yourself. If they do, I just may have to have another!!
Just some shots of a few of the places I put it for fun.

And here is it's final posing place for the moment, on the inside of the exterior door in my kitchen. So kitcheny with the jeweled fruit and it really adds a fun pop of color. It may just hang there year round! Thank you Sara for this wonderful piece, you are very talented.

Fall Fruit pieces all glittery and ready to pop into a display or creation! Some of these were used in the wreath Sara made.

Beautiful Ribbons to add fun to fall decor or to add flavor to my ribbon box!

A shot of the old tablecloth I've been hording for years now. It will soon hang in my new bathroom as a 'creative concealment'. Check out The Inspired Room and search for creative concealments on her site. There have been some really great ones!

And we are definitely getting there! T took tomorrow off so hopefully by tomorrow evening I will have my final 'after' shots. Can't wait.

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Blogger McMaster & Storm said...

can't wait to see the tablecloth up. how many years ago did you purchase that???????? better late than never.
i can't talk much as i have so many unfinished projects.

September 24, 2008 at 9:23 PM  

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