26 September 2008

New Centerpiece and FINISHED BATHROOM!!!!!

New Centerpiece.
Andrea at 100 wishes made some glittered gourds that were soooo cute. I didn't have glass glitter or the fake gourds so this is my version. She did inspire me! The little baubles stuck in them are old earrings I got with a bunch of old buttons.
Bathroom is FINISHED at last! I am so proud of my husband!! He did an excellent job on everything. Woo-hoo! I will post some pics later of the before, during and after of the cupboard hanging here. Now, I have to run, we are going camping and I've got a load of things to do! Happy Weekend!!


Anonymous Joy @ The Vintage Rabbit said...

Love your new bathroom!! I have the same wainscottng and pedastal sink in my bthroom!! Well you know what they say...2 great mines........

Have a Great !! Weekend!!


September 26, 2008 at 4:47 PM  

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