03 October 2008


My sister glittered these gourds using the tips Andrea at 100 Wishes posted on her blog. Didn't they turn out pretty? Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. I am awed at the way our Great Creator made the leaves to change colors and drift to the ground where they form a crackly carpet for us to walk on. I love the promise that seed time and harvest shall not fail, and that it never has! I love the crisp mornings and cool evenings. I love the way the days grow shorter, sitting around a campfire, wearing fun jackets, drinking hot drinks to warm up, snuggling in bed on cool mornings, curling up with a good book in the evening, looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and on the list can go! Autumn is definitely my favorite season, with all the changes it brings, and the beauty we see in nature.
This one is my favorite I think, I just love the chocolate color.

And here is a shot of the gourds my niece and nephew glittered! I like this shot of them on the old school desk. Children are such a blessing and it is so fun to see them try to imitate us and do the things we do. I love their creativeness and imagination. I'm sure they thought it a highlight in their day to get to use Mom's new glitter and do what she was doing!

Children definitely enjoy the changing seasons. They go from one to another easier than I do sometimes! Here our gang was enjoying a treasure hunt at the camp out. They all played together so well and included everyone. The older ones looked out for the little ones and let them participate too. Wonderful way to enjoy God's nature and nurture friendships.


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