20 December 2010

Christmas Decor - Part 3

My living room.

More sticks.  I bought this huge glass vase at Home Goods on our Columbus shopping trip in November, for this exact purpose.  It was only $30 and I just couldn't leave it there. 
And I'm so glad it now graces my living room instead of sitting on a shelf in the store.  It is SO much happier now!
I decided my old suitcases that I've been using for storage could also double as decor.  And it would get them out of my bedroom which I have been calling the 'store room' lately.
I've had this vintage clothes basket for several years now and decided that it really is too cute to be hidden away in my laundry room.  In there it was always burried under a pile of dirty laundry.  Here it shines in all its vintage glory, holding Christmas presents.  After Christmas I will find another fun thing for it to display!
Speaking of 'vintage' my brass french horn in officially 'vintage' this year!!  20 years this Christmas!  When I was in high school we decorated our classroom for Christmas one year.  A friend bought this horn as part of the decor but she didn't want it when the decorations came down.  So I bought if from her for $15.  And I've never regreted it! 
My large wooden scissors are one of my very favorite things.  (I know I have a lot of 'very favorite things'!)  I thought they needed a prominent spot this season.
Glittered deer was a purchase from Damask Designs last year when I was privileged to be at her shop during her fall sale!
Little Sister, Big Sister, and Middle Sister.  Arn't they adorable?  If I do say so myself.
Folding wooden tape measures, folded into crown shapes.  I saw this idea several years ago in a Pottery Barn catalog and I loved it.  Obviously!  These are vintage.  Restoration Hardware sold one this year and I picked one up for my hubby to put in my stocking.  It is really cool. If you are in the market for one I highly recommend it.  You can also fold them into a star shape for the Christmas season.

Large, red ampersand is also from Damask Designs.  She has the coolest stuff!
Jesus artwork is Sid Dickens.  I love his work!
I sew for a lady that makes the best greenery wreaths at Christmastime.  I sew, then she makes me wreaths.  It's a great trade:)  This year I put one at each of my living room windows.  (did you know that the new trend is to leave the wood work off your remodeled rooms??  That is what I'm telling myself anyway since it's been 3 years since the remodel and there is still no trim put back!!)
20 inch boxwood wreath hanging on a cute old door that came out of the upstairs.  The door is just too cute to get rid of and it finally made it into my decor.  It even has felt pads on it just like all the other furniture gets before it is allowed to touch my wood floors:)
Post card from McMaster and Storm.  So wish that was still a brick and mortar shop!  But hey!  They are on ETSY!!!  http://www.swanandshears.etsy.com/  Check it out.
Paper Whites.  From the same lady who did my wreaths.  http://www.cthelilies.com/ Great stuff, great prices, great lady!
tree stump cake stand and gold crown.
Another shot of the suitcases.  Just because they are cute.
Only piece of furniture left in my living room that is not white.  Found at a garage sale for $15.  I would have slipcovered it by now but I really want to reupholster it.  Think I could manage that??
And finally, the whole room. 

This was the evening of our Christmas dinner with friends.  Girls were at my Mom's.  As a friend said when she got here, 'isn't it amazing how great your house can look when you don't have any kids around!'  Amen.  Right now my living room is covered with Polly Pockets.  It rarely looks like what I would prefer it look like.  But I don't have a toy room and they all share a pretty small bedroom at the moment.  So this is their play area.
And we live with it!!


Blogger Kelley said...

Your home looks so cheery - love your greenery!
Random question... where did you get your clear pendant light that is hanging by that adorable door? We're getting ready to build and I've been looking for those for our kitchen. So far I'm only seeing them at Ballard and it's a bit pricey for 3 of them :/ thanks so much! ~Kelley

December 20, 2010 at 3:50 PM  
Blogger deborah said...

Can't wait to come over! It's seeming like it's been a long time!

December 21, 2010 at 7:26 AM  
Blogger Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

It's looking like it might be vintage eclectic. :) Still reading.

December 24, 2010 at 9:06 AM  

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