19 December 2010

Christmas Decor - Part 2

I love to decorate.  As the following pics will attest to.
 Yes, those are deer antlers on top of my china cupboard.  They are borrowed.  I have been bugging my hubby almost every autumn of our married life to get out there and use his crossbow and get me a buck.  He hasn't used the bow since we've been married.  Maybe next year...
 Stairway.  Greenery.  Ornaments.  Ribbon.  Poinsetta from my hubby!

 Clear ornaments stuffed with boxwood and some white flowers.
 My tiny trees find a new home each Christmas season.  This year they adorn one of my doorway transoms.
 I have a 'thing' with sticks this year.  Christmas decor - Part 3 will show some more!

 My china cupboard gets decked out each year.  Here are this years vignettes.
 I love sheep.  The spiritual application.  The serenity.  Someday I want to live in the country and own some real sheep!

 Some of my vintage ornaments.  Gotta love vintage!

 More Sheep.
Another nativity.
vintage candles
beeswax angel candle

 Another favorite ornament.
 Vintage Donkey print.

 I love this picture of Simeon holding Baby Jesus in the temple. 

old doll head got decked out too!

A few of my very favorite things!!  The spool of ribbon if from Anthropology and was a fun, surprise gift from this wonderful lady!  I met her in Indy a couple weeks ago to deliver her daughter's flower girl dress and she gave me this all packed up in a really cute white box.  The rest of the stuff came from McMaster and Storm back in the days of their brick and mortar shop!
Did you see Country Living's pattern paper stockings?  They used iron-on lamination from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I did the same thing only with paper from a vintage map book.  I used the listings of all the city's and I love the look it created.  I did a pattern paper one too.  It will show up in a later post.
Nativity that got missed in my first post!

This year's curtain embellishment.
Another transom display
My wire tree of blown glass ornaments ended up on top of the lockers in the school/sewing/computer/craft room.
Shelves above Middle Sisters desk in the school/sewing/computer/craft room.
Another nativity that didn't make it in the first post.  Not because it is less significant but because the pics were already loaded to this post and saved as a draft.  I didn't want to take the time to re-upload the pic!  This one I found one year on ebay and couldn't pass it up.  I stay away from ebay most of the time now!!
I'm really liking the look of my faux fruit in this glass apothecary jar.

The 'craft' corner of the school/sewing/computer/craft room!
My village houses ended up in the school/sewi.... room too;)
After using some of these 'garage sale find' bells in a friends house I decided to hang some in my own house.  They hang above my sewing machine.  There is supposed to be a shelf on the wall but it hasn't made it's apperance yet so I hung the bells!

My 'nook' in the dining room.  I'm loving the white look:)


Blogger alee said...

looks festive :)...

December 20, 2010 at 4:14 PM  
Blogger Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Where to start? First, I love it all. The measuring tape crowns, the paper stocking...so much goodness. But I truly must know where you got the white mugs with gold crowns. Sigh.

Just beautiful! May you create many wonderful memories this holiday season.

Christmas blessings to you!

December 24, 2010 at 9:09 AM  

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