21 June 2010

Buy your flowers at Sink's 'Secret Garden'!!

Just a couple posts ago I posted this picture of one of the petunias I planted this spring.  A few years ago we started buying our flowers from Sinks near Pleasant Hill and I refuse to buy them anywhere else now!  I get the same results every time.  One plant sold in a 3 or 4 inch pot (I can't remember the size for sure)

here is the the newly planted pot in the beginning of May when it was first planted...

...and here is what it looked like today when I was out taking pictures. Same single plant, same pot. pot? what pot? there is a pot under that??? LOVE LOVE LOVE the way these flowers grow:) And all they ask of me is some watering every day:) (I also buy my potting soil from Sinks - it's the best!)

Another single plant in another pot. This pot isn't quite as big but still I think it's just as amazing how this thing is growing! So next year - BUY YOUR FLOWERS AND POTTING SOIL AT SINKS! (I really should get a discount for the advertising don't ya think;)


Blogger Deborah said...

That grew from one plant?!!! Awesome! Wish I could shop there! You know, not only do the Sinks have great flowers they are really great people! :)

June 21, 2010 at 10:37 PM  

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