20 July 2009

Not MY child! Monday

MckMama has started some new 'not me' fun and I just had to join in. I know some of my readers probably think I've fallen off the earth, so here's a little answer to what I've been doing instead of blogging!
It's not my child who on many occasions lately, says she is hot, takes her shirt off, and runs around all morning, afternoon and/or evening. It's not the same child who likes to say she is 'almost' four. I would never let my children go naked, even if it's only partly naked. It is NOT this child of mine, who takes her swimsuit off, outside, in front of her grandparents. It's NOT this same child who took off out the FRONT door naked because she was mad at her Dad for trying to dress her. We have instilled morals in her, she would NEVER do that!
It is not my children who want to watch their 'Tom and Jerry' dvd all day long. MY children like to do games and educational stuff all the time! They don't beg to get High School Musical at the library every week either. And they certainly don't sing the songs from those musicals either!
It was not my child who threw such a long, loud, screaming, kicking fit on Saturday that I closed the window so the neighbors would hopefully not feel they needed to call 911!
And it is NOT my 10 year old who is looking way too grown up in her recent pictures. She's still my little girl and isn't growing up way too fast!
Join in the fun if you want, and you should definitely check out what Mckmama has to say!


Blogger A-M said...

Oh your babies are gorgeous. How hilarious... life is never dull is it! Your comment over at my place made me laugh out loud this morning! Thank you for your advice and a little chuckle! Treasure those girls! A-M xx

July 20, 2009 at 3:44 PM  

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