28 October 2008

Odds and Ends.

Some last shots of my flowers before the freezing nights kill them completely!
This beautiful petunia just could not be stopped! The sidewalk is almost completely obliterated. I'm sad because I think we are going to have to pull it all out this weekend to do some foundation work on the house.
But spring will come again and we will plant anew!

Some of my decor before I pull it all out and 'Deck the halls with boughs of holly' or boxwood most likely! Can not wait till Christmas, or rather the time to decorate for the season. I'm really chomping at the bit this year, not sure if I'll be able to hold off till after Thanksgiving. My 'Big Sister' is asking to get it all out now too! The girls just love all the nativities we have and like to help unpack it all and play with it while Mom decides where we are putting what this year. It is so fun to see them play with things that have a spiritual meaning. I bought a Fontanini Nativity set when Big Sister was just a toddler and I've never been sorry. It is beautiful craftsmanship but is not breakable so it doesn't matter if they play with it some. So precious to see little hands placing Baby Jesus in the manger. Oh I just can't wait!!!

My little candle carolers were found at a garage sale and they will find a place once again among the Christmas decor. They find their way into the scene throughout the year by most definitely at Christmas time!

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