18 August 2008


Can you believe school is just around the corner? For some out there it has already started! We start next Tuesday, so today we went shopping for supplies and shoes. Grandma came over and went with us. We ate lunch at Taco Bell/Pizza Hut and then went shopping. This is what Big Sister picked out. New pencils, new folder, new binder, highlighters, erasers, scissors, twistable crayons, and colored pencils!
The front of her binder had a pocket so I fixed this up for her. She went home with Grandma for a few days before school starts so she hasn't seen this yet. I used a page from a vintage handwriting book and stamped on it. She will probably not be impressed because she says 'vintage is just another word for old and yucky'!! But I had fun doing it and just maybe she will like it!
We always have a problem with shoes for this child. She wore last years new shoes for 2 weeks and decided she didn't like them. This year I took her to try them on instead of ordering them. We got them at The Finish Line and they were not cheap so she HAS to wear them. Hopefully they will work out better than last years!

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