08 August 2008

Busy Friday

Just a 'little of what I did today! As I said 2 of my girls are in a wedding the end of the month and I need to get their dresses made. Time to 'sew a fine seam'! So I measured Big Sister and drafted her pattern! I think it is going to work! I made 3 trial bodices before I was satisfied with my basic pattern. I then flared the skirt and squared the neckline. I don't like the way commercial patterns fit her so I decided I would make her patterns since I recently took some lessons on pattern making. I'll have to show you the finished dress on her, providing of course that it looks nice!!!

Middle Sister is carrying the rug with one of the Brides brothers. The Bride picked fabric and pattern for her so now I just have to figure out what size to make and get it done. The lace and shiny fabric is a little much for my taste but it isn't my wedding! I'm sure she will look adorable.

I had pies to make for Sunday at church so I decided after supper this evening I should get them made. I have to take 2 and I'm also taking for 2 expectant mothers so they didn't have to make any. So I made 6 pies! In my counter top-challenged kitchen this was quite a feat, but it got done and now I can do something else tomorrow. I'm hoping to be able to paint my remodeled bathroom! Please, Please, Travis get it done! We have been without our upstairs bathroom for almost a year now and I'm really ready for it to be usable again.

Finished Product! What a feeling of accomplishment! Now I will just hope they taste good!


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