06 August 2008

Wonderful summertime!

This is what we have been doing a lot of this summer! My girls have learned a lot and had a lot of fun with this Christmas present from Grandma! Middle Sister took swimming lessons for the first time this year and she has come a LONG way! When the pool first went up she was wearing a life jacket all the time. By the end of the first week of swim lessons she had ditched the life jacket! Just yesterday she finally started putting her face completely in the water and swimming several strokes! Amazing how fast a child catches on! Little sister started out clinging to Mom the whole time and just yesterday she went out with just her sisters with Mom checking out the window now and then! Big sister thinks she is pretty cool now that she can do the backstroke!School starts in 3 weeks so our 'lazy' summer is rapidly ending. I'm sure we will pack in as much as possible! Happy August!

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