11 August 2008

Laundry Day.

We've had a typical summer Monday. After sleeping in with the cool breeze coming in the window, I did laundry. Why is it that Monday seems to be laundry day for so many people? My Mother says it always helped her to get going on the new week. It was something that had to be done and something to focus one right after the weekend. I tend to do it on Monday and Thursday when I stay on schedule. I like for most of my girls clothes to be clean for the weekend, so I have whatever I decide they need to wear. Sometimes I do it whenever I can get to it! Somehow, though, it seems like Monday morning is laundry day! I love the smell of fresh laundry in my house, it feels like I have really accomplished something!
Mom and Dad came for supper and then took the girls home with them for the night. I'm headed to the hospital tomorrow for a minor surgery so they get to stay with Grandma! I'll be back soon, hopefully I can post again tomorrow night, we'll see how loopy I am from the anesthetic!! Hope your laundry day was a good one!

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