08 August 2008


I can't believe it is actually AUGUST! The weather is wonderful! It rained yesterday afternoon for about 10 minutes and then cooled off beautifully. It is almost noon now and the skies are clear and the breeze is amazingly cool. We are loving it. My wonderful husband took this week off to work on our ongoing remodel project and it has been so nice to have cooler weather for him. We finally got all the insulating done in the 'new' bedroom and in the old attic. I'm hoping my upstairs bathroom will be put back together SOON! I'm hoping to be ready to paint tomorrow. I'll try to get some pics soon to share. I'm also going to get some sewing pics to share soon too. My 'big sister' and 'middle sister' are both in a wedding the end of the month and I have dresses to make for both of them. I better get busy! Blessings!


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