02 October 2011

{Pennywhistle Farm Antiques}

Great antiques vendor!  This was the cutest display.  I didn't have much time to browse, but as they were right beside us I did pop in for a few minutes:)  AND they shared their power strip so we had electric too.  Thanks, Mary Kate (and Bill!)

I love plants mixed in with any type of vintage, antiques, new, homemade, anything.  They just add that special, living touch.

Cozy enough to move right in!

I really, really liked the way they had so many lamps and lights and they were all on.  Especially since the weather was a bit grey and damp.

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Blogger deborah said...

The lamps and lights sound very neat. I love soft lighting. It is so cozy!

October 3, 2011 at 9:07 AM  

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