11 October 2011

Fall Decor

For awhile now I've been less than enchanted with my shelf in my living room.  It's funny how I can love it when I get it all arranged and it can be just what I want, and I have fun changing things out for the different seasons.  Then slowly it becomes just a jumble of this and that and nothing really resonates with me anymore.  So while my quest for just the right furniture is still being worked on I did completely empty off my 12+ foot shelf and gave it a complete makeover.  And now I love it again!  The large black frame is the same I just removed the artwork and added the crown of thorns.  Other pieces have been here before also but it's a whole new look.  Thanks to my Mom for the hydrangeas, I clipped her bush clean!

Tiny dress form from a doll house set.  I couldn't resist:)

My nook in the dining room got a makeover too.  It was very much high time for it too.
Having events doesn't leave much time to fluff your house!

Aren't these baby shoe lasts just daring?? 

Tiny pennant banner made out of old maps.  Made by Marcy and sold in our booth at the event.

Small broom from Kara.

Fun wooden acorn.

This paper flower is such a darling little bright spot!  I love it.  It was made by Lauren who also had a booth at the event.  She featured these on her blog before the event and then didn't bring them!  Marcy and I gave her a rather hard time about it so on Saturday she arrived with one for each of us.  They are just too cute.

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Blogger deborah said...

Oooh! that acorn is adorable and I love the paper flower! I'm wanting to post a few pics of some of my fall decor-not that I have that much. It's always fun to get a few fall things out. I always like to get some pumpkins when we go to the pumpkin patch, but we haven't been there yet.

October 13, 2011 at 8:56 PM  

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