13 August 2011


Finally.  This year the hydrangeas in my house were MINE.  From my plants.  Granted this bunch is pretty much all the blooms I had but still.  I didn't have to go to anyone else and beg to cut their flowers. 

I wasn't going to cut the blooms on mine this year since I just planted them.  But then  friend who knows his stuff when it comes to plants (he should he has a degree in agriculture!) said they would grow better structurally and take less water if we trimmed them. 

So the blooms came inside.

I have 8 'Annabelle' variety hydrangeas.  6 are 'Incrediball' which gets bigger blooms than even the heirloom 'Annabelles'.  And 2 are the 'Invicibelle' which is the Annabelle variety that is pink, delicate and absolutely lovely.  Now I need some 'Limelights':)

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