11 August 2011

Fun Gift from my Sis!

While we were on vacation at my sister's house I spotted this in her her china cupboard.  I immediately dug it out to take a closer look and asked WHERE she got it.  You see, I was pretty sure I KNEW where she had gotten it!  I had wanted one too.  But this ladies stuff is hard to come by.  When she creates anything it's snapped up almost before she can get it listed.  You can see some of the delightful jewelry she makes my clicking the link above.  It's all sold but you can still go see it!

Anyway, my sister said I could have it!!  She had bought two and had thought about giving me one anyway.
GREAT surprise! I'm so happy to have one of Andrea's Easter Eggs:)
Thanks bunches, Sis!!!  I love you:)

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